Assistant Aquarist

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Providing a supportive role in the operation and function of the Residential Marine tanks. This position is responsible for providing assistance to the senior aquarist in completing day to day tasks like feeding, cleaning and testing water parameters along with maintaining life support systems. The Assistant Aquarist’s primary objective and responsibility is to function in primary and supportive roles in maintaining the tanks and husbandry including diet preparation, facility/habitat maintenance, accurate record keeping, and animal observations.


  • Ensures the daily health, care and welfare of the Exhibits.
  • Keep exhibits and holding systems well maintained via hydro-cleaning, water changes, filter backwashing, and related cleaning procedures.
  • Keep back-up spaces and work area well maintained.
  • Maintain life support systems and related equipment
  • Participate in the acquisition, transport, and acclimation of specimens.
  • Participate in the design, construction, and maintenance of exhibits and holding systems, including life support material and equipment.
  • Administer medical treatments with the guidance of Senior Aquarist.
  • Be accountable for the animals and systems under care in respective exhibits.
  • Maintain detailed records on feeding, maintenance, and other husbandry related tasks
  • Any other duties as may be requested by management

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Marine Science or related field; or completed advanced college-level related coursework; or comparable work experience.


  • Knowledge of aquarium systems and life support for closed systems.
  • At least 3 year of experience working with aquatic organisms in a commercial aquarium or other zoological setting
  • Excellent observational, decision making, problem solving, and reporting skills
  • Availability to work holidays, weekends, and evening hours as needed


  • Knowledge of water chemistry, aquatic husbandry, biology, and marine science, including detailed knowledge of the biology and taxonomy of a variety of marine fish and invertebrates




Agriculture: 3 Years