What is next for me: Thoughts from a Recruiter’s soul

By Jovitha Davis ~ Project Manager at Empower on 12 May 2020Career Development


Here we go; for the last few months I’ve been doing some career exploration, in my head I knew I had reached a ceiling as far as Recruitment is concerned. I’ve been in the role for 2+ years now, and feel ready for my next move. As much as recruitment is fun, the adrenaline is non-stop with the amount of people you meet as part of the job.


During my soul-searching journey, I had the privilege of chatting with a Career Coach who gave me a key task: to map out what I am passionate about verses what opportunities and tools are available to me.


This has been a highly useful and revolutionary process for me. Unlike many, I am one of those people who don't have a ‘dream job’ in mind but what I was sure of was my need to make amends.


My Mapping Project forced me to reflect and analyse every task I execute – allow me to share my list:


  • I am a Leader
  • I am a B2B Sales Personnel
  • I am your Key Account Manager
  • I am your Lead Negotiator
  • I am your Career Coach and Advisor
  • I am your Crisis Manager
  • I am your Strategic Partner
  • I am a Researcher
  • I manage a team (Brilliant individuals)
  • I am tempted to say I am a jack of all trades


Now that it is clear I am not just a recruiter; I feel ready to explore and move on to the next adventure.


My message is to anyone who is in a similar situation: use the same method – let’s call it Eagle Eye View Analysis – when you are reviewing your current role and feel ready to embrace all the opportunity available to you.

Until next time.


By Jovitha Davis ~ Project Manager at Empower