The Impact of Reading on One's Life

By Neelam Babul ~ Lawyer at Kilindu Giattas & Partners on 29 Apr 2020Education


If anyone were to ask me what aspect of my life, I would always be proud of and one which has helped shape my life the most, I would without a doubt say it was reading books. Books have shaped my life ever since I was introduced to the world of reading by my mother as a child, barely able to read three or four words. Since then, reading has been a way for me to experience new ideas and concepts, explore the world and the universe at large and most of all find a way of connecting with likeminded individuals around the world. Books gave me the hope that there was something to look forward to in life.

Reading books has opened the doorstep for me to empathize with the experiences of other individuals in the world, has helped me develop my writing and speaking skills and provided a gateway for me to express my creativity. In today’s world when we have a plethora of avenues to explore each day, I believe nurturing a love of books and cultivating a habit of reading books is one of the best ways to stay focused and prepare ourselves for success.

Some of the strategies that I use to read more books include setting a challenge for myself at the beginning of each year on how many books I am going to read. It also helps to involve friends and family in this challenge so you can all be accountable together. You can also join a book club. There are a number of book clubs in Dar es Salaam such as the Umoja Book Club which is all women’s book club where members read one or two books a month and being a part of this book club has ignited my desire to read more and I have learnt so much from the discussions organized at the end of each month.

It also helps to set aside a specific time each day for reading. It could be in the morning before you start working or before going to bed. During that time, focus and concentrate on reading only. You can start with reading for twenty minutes and then gradually increase the time to an hour. These are simple yet effective ways that anyone can incorporate into their life to reap the benefits of reading.

Considering that most of us are working from home and exercising social distancing, now is the best time to pick a book and read. It is also an activity that parents and children can engage in together as a way of learning and entertainment. If children are exposed to reading books at an early age, then it is easier for them as adults to develop and nurture the habit of reading.

Leaders and influential individuals around the globe such as Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey advocate for reading and also share their reviews and reading lists on their respective websites. We all look up to our role models and mentors wishing to achieve everything they have and what better way to learn about their lives than through reading books. I am sure reading will greatly impact anyone’s life the same way it has impacted mine.


By Neelam Babul ~ Lawyer at Kilindu Giattas & Partners