Stay focused, positive and trust in Empower’s experienced recruitment team

By anonymous on 04 Oct 2017Recruitment


“Stay focused, positive and trust in Empower’s experienced recruitment team”......these are the key lessons James learnt during his 3 month internship at Empower from October to December 2016.

His career goals have always been to tackle the world of sales and work his way up as a sales manager.  During his internship with us, James ensured that whatever he learnt was helping him get closer to his career goals. He says “working at Empower I really learnt how to engage with different customers and deliver excellent customer service."

When he completed his internship at Empower he did not give up on his search for professional growth, and after 3 months of job seeking (with the support of Empower recruitment team of course) the journey to fulfilling his career goals progressed as he got hired as a Field Sales Specialist with one of our valued clients - and a global giant. Today James is delighted that he is getting this invaluable experience and is following his passion at the same time - we are happy we could support James in realizing his dreams. 

James popped in to see us in September 2017 to say hello and see how we all were which we so appreciate. Thank you for visiting us - we wish you success and growth in your career and team Empower are super proud to see you flourish!