GrowthMindset - By Carlos Banda

By Carlos Banda on 11 Jun 2018Youth


Any person you cherish and admire as being great is not a result of the physical structure as one would say when distinguishing a sports car which by its shapely looks and aerodynamic body kits can be termed as being fast compared to a station wagon model which is typical humble vehicle to cruise around without much attention to them. 

It is the internal body parts plus the upgrades installed that make a sports car fast instead of a station wagon. In human perspective however, the most powerful weapon of all is the human mind. Some may argue otherwise, but in reality, it is the same big minds and the invested upgrades that place individuals like Isaya Yunge, CEO and founder of SomaApps; and Ritha Tarimo, HR of AIMER Group and author of among some bestselling books, at the peak of success.

“The Moment you know yourself is the moment you become unstoppable”, said Ritha Tarimo, the HR for AIM as she addressed after Isaya Yunge, founder and CEO of SomaApp Company had finished addressing the young, eager and success hunger led youths who had attended Empowerment Academy organized by Empower limited aiming at presenting internship opportunities for the youth in different institutions, companies, organizations and cooperates that are seeking well abled young Tanzania to hire as interns and later employment.  

The event kicked off with Isaya Yunge, founder and CEO of SomaApp Company, addressing the youngsters. His story is a proof to the fact that complaining and whining are never solutions to a person with almost nothing and no one to look up to. Even as many young men and women dream and strive for success, sitting back, lamenting and waiting for the world to see in your comfort zone ain’t the trick. Instead, dealing with the problems and thirst for change via action is key to turning the tides for one’s success. 

Investing in growing the human mind is key to success. A point which both Ritha and Isaya agree on when it comes to the question of, ‘how much do you want to succeed?’; and ‘how determined are you to being successful?’. Everything starts with you, especially the mind.

Empower Limited under its Founder & MD, Miranda Naiman, realized this solid truth of the mind being the ultimate arsenal to success. Hence the purpose of starting empower to preach this fact to the young people about the mind. Not just any mind, but a growing mindset.

Anybody can be successful. Even a Tanzanian. Many look up to the greats like Steve Jobs, Ellon Musk, etc. but we also have our own heroes like Isaya Yunge and Ritha Tarimo who beat the odds and have impacted the lives of so many Africans with what they did after investing in the growth of their mindset.

As you read this piece of writing, there is no other tool that is far more effective than the mind you have. The Moment you know yourself is the moment you become unstoppable better yet, the moment you invest in the growth of your mind you become unstoppable. Invest in the growth of your mind.


By Carlos Banda

Empower Academy Participant 

June 2018