Business Unusual: Embracing the 'New Normal'

By Farha Mohamed ~ Banker on 01 May 2020Business Development



Well the unfiltered truth about our current reality is the bitter sweet realization of defining what is next, how do we move forward, what is normal?

Most businesses have moments to revisit their core purpose of existence and whether the old normal of strategizing, serving customers, creating pipelines, connections and press repeat day after day is the normal that prevails at the current precedent times.

While most struggle to pause, re-organize and re-strategize to make the necessary changes, the world is not giving us any other option and there is no Earth B to escape to.

Despite these difficult circumstances of the unknown combined with no handbook to guide businesses through the current pandemic on how to survive and move forward, we are privileged to be in times where information sharing, and digitalization is at the peak and can learn from one another and adjust as we go along. What is critical is to quickly adopt, fail fast and implement what works for your customers.

Most enterprises waste a great deal of time out of their productivity on designing something that sounds interesting and then when they try to find the customers that need it, they discover they don’t exist. The recipe is simple. Understand what matters to the customer as value or pain point at current times and when that is clear; you proceed with solutioning.

In pre-covid19 times we were often facing with what seemed like death to the core challenges, obstacles or even at times opportunities. The big question is; Where do I start? One of the great advices I got was to “think small”. Surprising?! As most people would say “Think Big” in a sense of covering all angles.

No doubt it could be a strategy that works for others but What I find think small does in many circumstances is the fact that success requires the whole value chain to work in sync with an objective of delivering to what matters to the end user which ultimately enables enterprises to achieve goals, scale and grow. By starting small and building on each success or learning quickly from shortfalls, we can transform anything and scale.

The good news is; many are still hoping that the covid-19 phase will disappear, and things will go back to “our normal”. With that it posses’ risk in many enterprises as life has already transformed, things will not be the same hence new opportunities have arisen! Start with thinking Small!


By Farha Mohamed ~ Banker