You Have the Power Within You You Have the Power Within You
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As I was wondering what to write, I thought to myself...what have I always wanted to share with fellow Tanzanians if given an audience? Having worked in Human Resources for the last 17 years, there are some areas of improvements I have noted and where I can, I would try to help. With this forum, I may reach more and possibly add value.

During job interviews, I ask questions to Interviewees about themselves and the responses I get are some of the reasons why one will not be shortlisted for a job. Why? Because for one, there was no preparation for the interview. We have no excuses today, there is so much knowledge out there with technology. Secondly, I get brief answers that doesn’t help the Interviewer understand the situation at hand, the active role the individual played and the results. And when I asked a question about themselves, I get the famous ‘We’ did this. Yes, it is important to show you can work in a team but when you come for an interview, it is all about YOU...and your active role in that team work and not about the WE.

Then when finally, one has been recruited into the Corporate working world, I see many people limiting their thinking and performance due to their job titles. And I am like, we need to break all these invisible walls we build for ourselves because I truly believe the best idea or leader can come from anywhere in the organization and not necessarily from those on top with senior roles nor from those leading others.

I am here today to say, it doesn’t matter how your past was, the kind of upbringing you had, the schools you went to or even whether you had an unfit past... what matters is what you are doing about it now. Don’t look behind, but take the lessons, focus in front and make it work for you now. You can enter an organization as a Trainee or in an entry level position, but it doesn’t mean you cannot or should not voice your ideas and make the changes the organization needs.

This means we must unlearn some of the things we have been brought up to believe in. In many African countries, we are not raised up to be expressive or challenge but in the corporate world, you need to do so. It is possible and you can do it. Never sit on your talents and ideas. Just find respectful ways to bring them to light. Know the people that will assist your ideas to be heard and implemented. Operate on the next higher level so that your Employer can see that you can do it and offer you those opportunities. It is ok not to know everything because no one does but work with people to leverage your development areas. Therefore, it is important to work as a team always. Compete with yourself and not others.

The world has a way of making room for those who know where they want to go! Believe in it and go make a positive change wherever you are.

By Angela Kasamala-Mangecha 

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