Who Do You Journey With? Who Do You Journey With?
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They say 'Life is a Journey, NOT a Destination' - and never a truer word has been spoken.

It's Human Nature for us to get caught up with an intangible destination in mind:

“When I finish my Degree and land my first job…”

“When I am married with three children and own my own mansion and drive a Range Rover…”

“When I setup my business so that it runs itself and I am able to lie on the beach sipping cocktails all day…”

Whatever your ‘Destination’ may be (and this is a purely personal vision) be mindful of who is by your side as you travel.

The journey of life is like a safari in a LandRover 110 on rough terrain; with the fuel gauge wavering and no lodge in sight as the land stretches limitlessly in front of you.

In this situation you have two choices:

A. Panic about being stuck in the wilderness with a questionable amount of fuel as you desperately try to find civilization


B. Feel the sunshine on your face, look outside the window and admire the incredible beauty of your surroundings. Accept the journey in all its uncertainty, and look around at who is in the car with you.

As we journey through life, different people will hop into your car and drop off along the way. You must keep moving, regardless. Parents, Children, Spouses and Friends will all come and go at various stages of your Journey.

Likewise, as your Journey gets more comfortable, some people will fall away – perhaps your priorities have changed; or you are no longer aligned in your view of Life or perhaps they envy your development. Whatever the reason may be, ensure you keep the company of people who add value to your life and genuinely support your hustle.

I recall being a social butterfly in my early twenties – relishing the idea of having a vast throng of ‘friends’ that I enjoyed spending time with. In hindsight I was spreading myself too thin and inevitably wasn’t able to maintain deep and meaningful friendships with select people. Over time, my circle continued to decrease and I found I had less time to give to others. I became uber-selective and extremely picky – part of growing up is realizing that the people you can truly count on will likely fit on one hand. The depth and beauty of these friendships, and the energy mutually invested far outweighs quantity. The key reflection here is that we shouldn’t fear change – we will grow (and outgrow people) and that is a healthy part of life. There is strength in realising that some people just aren’t “good for us” and being able to steer clear - irrespective of how long we have known them – will ultimately benefit us. 

As a woman in her thirties, I relish my precious circle of superwomen; relationships built on solid foundations of authenticity and openness.

Weekend Reflection: Find a quiet space – ideally in a garden or by the Sea – and reflect on your Journey. Ask yourself:

· What the road has been like to date?

· Who has dropped off along the way?

· Who has hopped onboard along the way?

· Do the people around you truly add value? If not, why are they still in your life?

Happy Reflecting :)

~ Miranda

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Miranda Naiman
Written by

Miranda Naiman

Miranda describes herself as ‘an unstoppable force for good’ and is the Founder of Empower - a disruptive Consulting Firm that passionately provides Talent, Advisory and Insight services to clients across the African continent.

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