What are you creating? What are you creating?
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I had one particular word that kept reoccurring in many things that I did this week: CREATE.

CREATE: what a simple word but often overlooked or associated with some artistic abilities

I asked myself what if, everyone creates something every day?...something for themselves.

You see, that guy from Instagram who recorded himself running and make jokes (Irudiwee...) was creating something for himself, and now the majority mimic what he does.

Imagine this, after 60 seconds every day in 2021; Facebook users upload 147,000 photos, Twitter gains 319 new users, Instagram users post 347,222 Stories and YouTube creators upload 500 hours of video

This is just social media; In a single minute, someone out there is creating, from memes, songs, articles, tweets, videos, calls, clubhouse conversations, report...and things we can't even imagine or exist yet.

Every person has a skill or talent to create something that provides value to other people.

Think about it,

This is not to induce false motivation and make you feel good about yourself.

It is the truth.

Every person has something to give to the world.

Just look around you...be more intentional and expand your limits on what people can create; you'll see all these beautiful products of creations.

Look at your recent searches, songs, chats, places you visited, movies you've watched, articles you've read, call you took, dialogues you've attended, products or services you've used.

The people who created all those things are not Gods; they are Humans just like you.

One of the most inspirational figure in creativity and creation is Sir Ken Robinson. An internationally renowned speaker and author of "The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything," he challengesd us to think differently on how we view our intelligence to create something.

He once said, "Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent, not a singular conception of ability. And at the heart of the challenge is to reconstitute our sense of ability and intelligence."

If you think you can not create, you a simply living a limited life.

And on the other side, life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call people made up life use their skills or talent to CREATE

Once you learn that, you'll never be the same again.

As you are reading this, ask yourself, What are you going to create?

What experience do you have?

What skill do you have?

What talent do you have?

What fools to have?

What platform do you have?

What idea do you have?

You don't need more motivation to start; you need a start... contribute to the 60 seconds of creation on the internet a day by doing something you're good at and share it with others.

Create something for yourself first, then share it with others to add value to their lives.

Just remember that as you start to create; Know that anything worth doing attracts admiration and criticism - Scott Mautz.

This is what I CREATED this week;

  1. I travelled to Mbeya and CREATED memories.
  2. Spend some good time with friends and CREATED moments.
  3. I facilitated a team retreat and CREATED good relationships and team cohesion.
  4. I curated the TEDx Oysterbay 2021 and CREATED Talks
  5. I finalised two reports submitted
  6. I CREATED 2 Videos showcasing my time in Mbeya
  7. I talked to my mother and brother for 46 minutes and CREATED laughter and Joy
  8. And of course, I CREATED this article on my phone as I reflect

Now it is your time, your turn.

Go and CREATE something!

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Amani Shayo
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Amani Shayo

Amani Alphonce Shayo is an aspiring Consultant and Human Capital enthusiast. Currently working at Empower Limited, a dynamic Human Capital Consulting firm. He is Passionate about People and Innovation. He loves reading and writing to a greater course that is to inspire others to be more and do more.

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