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What happened to the Aristotle’s and the Shakespeare’s?

Are we the last of the generation that got to really appreciate their influence on our younger selves? Who are the Shakespeare and Aristotle’s of our time? It’s a question that’s dawned on me, the generations past had authenticity, and as we progress into a more tech based world who can we look to as a classic?

Throughout time we humans have evolved with our means of transport, communication and even in expression. The ancient Greeks would travel by mule or horses on land, taking days to reach the nearest town meaning communication wasn’t very quick as it is today. Imagine that, being a messenger, traveling for days on end only to deliver “the emperor has requested you for battle” to only then return with the soldiers after months of going town to town. Over time this would get very tedious, and this is how humanity learnt to adapt find new ways, faster ways to make communication faster, I know you are wondering what does this have to do with the title? Well as we grew more curious and discovered ways to improve communication, transport and even expression have we become too reliant on technology? Where are the great authentic philosophers, artist, poets and even dancers? If you look at the world now we have more Elon Musk’s (brilliant visionary) rather than Socrates we are creating more ways entertain ourselves and pass time by while neglecting the fundamentals of human nature. If this pandemic has shed any light on where we are as human beings turn off the television and try take a day or two, to walk around listen to the wind, feel the earth beneath you.

I believe we forget that humans created technology and our brain is capable of much more as a collective unit. Certain places you will find free thinkers without a voice brushed over by the power houses of today’s world. Although we are going through a global pandemic this should allow us to re-evaluate what we would like to leave the rest of the human race. Greats like Leonardo da vinci who left us with The Mona Lisa, Shakespeare who showed us the depth of two lovers while expressing his own complex emotions. So who will be our Aristotle, Shakespeare or even Beethoven? 

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Arnold Gonzaga
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Arnold Gonzaga

As a young self starter, my goal has been to create experiences for people. We grow according to our experiences, and if each experience can be a learning moment then I have done my job.

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