This Thursday morning This Thursday morning
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I wish I would say this was one of those days where I woke up with a va-va-voom attitude, ready to conquer the day…well, it just was not.

Woke up with a blaring sound of an ambulance just from across the road…What a way to start the day! Dressing up felt like an aggravating bother, which is usually one of my favourite highlights of the day. With a dull and gloomy aura, some South African Soul music seemed to be an immediate quick fix for my mood, but I could barely hear “Your Love by Azana” playing in the distance of my crowded empty burdened thoughts.

I always love to put down stirring pieces of writing. Always felt a need to only give out the beautiful and glamorous creations, while putting away the “unpleasant” ones. On such days, just those bad days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, my mind and deep conscious wouldn’t let it go.

Somehow, I needed to unburden my spirit. I knew that my day would not proceed without doing so in any way.

Letting out a loud heartfelt scream would have been the perfect answer if I resided by the beach and just let my voice be drowned by the roar of some crashing waves. But living in the heart of the city, well, the neighbours would be concerned about my mental health if I did so😅

What should be my silent solace then…Yes, just writing

Pour it all out. No need to follow any rules…just a rebellious honest piece of my mind that my soul needed this morning.

Maybe I’ll cringe to this writing later on, but for now, I’ll bask in the relief it brings me.

Just me…


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Melissa Sweetbert
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Melissa Sweetbert

My passion lies in creating written pieces.

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