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Here is the snippet on the Articles I got features for 

Rising Woman Initiative 2023

"Innovation for a Gender-Equal Future”

1. What has inspired your career journey over the years? Did you envision being in this role growing up?

I didn't envision being in this role growing up. I am grateful for where I am now. My engagement in the corporate world started when I was still at University; I was a member of a World leading Youth Organization (AIESEC), which provided me with essential skills and a network that widened my career options. Later, I launched my career in the banking sector, followed by Human Capital, where I am now. Looking back, I am grateful for my support system and the sense of independence instilled in me from a younger age (thank you, Mama). With the combination of those two key elements, I am constantly being reminded and pushed to try harder because I ultimately have my own back.

2. What are your roles at Empower Limited?

Number one is driving a profitable department; I am proud to highlight that we have won the "Most Professional and Credible Recruiting and HR Consulting Company" on Consumer Choice Award Africa 2022. My Second key focus is leadership; I am currently managing a managing team of four brilliant individuals, and I am as well a focal point of all departmental client engagement.

3. You have ten years of experience in talent management, executive coaching, and client. How did you build your leadership muscles over the years?

It is still a work in progress; however, as I reflect on the past ten years, I have learnt much about growing what works well at personal and professional levels. I've had the opportunity to be involved and led teams in complex projects that stretched my capabilities and fueled my aspirations to want more. I think, at the very early stages of my career, I grasped the concept of "Focus" I knew I couldn't be the master of all trades. To grow, one needs to go outside our comfort zone, especially for us ladies in whichever field, but we must be intentional in choosing and accepting learning environments that will stretch us and feed what we are good at. At the same time, knowing when and what to say NO has also been my go-to strategy to achieve what I want to let affect my health, wealth, social support etc

4. In your leadership journey or at your workplace, do you have a special treatment or policy for female employees to help them realize their potential and reach their career goals?

I am happy to work in a company that values diversity and inclusivity. At Empower we provide equal opportunities to all. Whilst we have in-house forums created to support female employees, we implement meritocracy regarding rewards, recognition and promotion.

5. What key lessons have you learned from multinational organizations in manufacturing, logistics, telecommunications, service, and NGOs?

Key lesson will be Reliability as this is the characteristic that drive people look for when they are working with others or seeking to establish relationships “people bank on people that they can rely on and believe in”. There are different universal tips towards building this attribute, such as following up on commitments, being consistency, admitting mistakes and being proactive.

6. What are some of the major challenges related to your field of work, and how do you overcome them?

I am in the human capital business, which means I work with people. I help organizations find the best talent and talents to land their dream job. While this comes with so many rewards and blessings there are some challenges. My work requires personalized relationships as career is a sensitive topic to many. Human beings are complex, and I experience the complexity when I coaching and working with people. I have the privilege of seeing people when there are vulnerable and going through difficult times, anything from looking for a job, being frustrated by where they are now, not having the confidence to switch jobs etc. On the other hand the market to which we operate also is very competitive and changes are happening so fast. New technologies disrupt how we work.

Dealing with all this can also be overwhelming sometimes, however, I am still learning the art but agility and resilience to handle stress, maintain the highest form of professionalism, always learn new trends in my field and also taking good care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally.

7. Describe your leadership style and how you "lead" others.

I want to describe my leadership style as Nurturing. This can be best explained like this: Time investment and continuous coaching are my main tools in this approach. I believe in this approach, which seems to work as it allows develop resilience and confidence and find their strength and areas of development. Accomplishments are also always celebrated as it's a team's effort.

8. What personal sacrifices have you made throughout your career?

They vary from time to time. It could be quality time with my family and kids or forgoing my health by either skipping working out or eating what was available because I hadn't enough time to prep. Sacrifices do vary from one season to another. Sometimes the sacrifice could be the career itself. This could be when there is an exciting project at work, which demands more than 9 to 5, 5 days a week; but on the other side that same month there is a commitment at home.

9. From your experience in leadership, what would you list as the reasons that derail women's progress in the corporate world?

Self-doubt can be named as one of the leading triggers when it comes to killing one's confidence in the ability to present, pursue opportunities and seek recognition.

Seeking wrong validation: there is nothing wrong with having a soundproofing board as it tends to forge one's confidence and self-worth. However, as women we often tend to seek this from the wrong channel, or it could be that one is presenting their ideas for approval rather than soundproofing.

10. What is your advice to women just embarking on their career journey?

I want to propose a controversial approach, but noteworthy perspective:

a) Approach the career journey as a dating journey. This basically means going on multiple dates until you find something that makes sense.

b) Embark on this journey with an open mind and heart if you must.

c) Approach every interview as an opportunity to know better the hiring company and yourself.

d) When you finally land a job, explore it with an open mind and heart, and learn, relearn, and unlearn some stuff.

Bottom line: If it won't work out, its okay to start afresh.

11. What are the three guiding leadership principles that you can never compromise?

• Overflow from a full cup

• Assertiveness with empathy

• Continuous Nurturing of Talent

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Jovitha Davis
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Jovitha Davis

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