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In the past down to this day, event organisers be they professional or beginners would and still will be seen carrying heavy sound equipments that need quite some expertise and time to transport, set and operate. Depending on the size of the audience and nature of event, this heavy equipments were and may still be necessary. 

However,  technology has advanced so much so that, again depending on the audience size and nature of event, some organisers need just a set similar to what you see in the photo to this article, a set which can perfectly fit into just a fairly sized backpack with no need for truck hire nor an entire team but the purpose is still served just as well!

This comparison to quality versus quantity touches on many areas of our lives. The quality of your life does not necessarily depend on how much you have acquired or posses but it is directly related to the QUALITY of that which you have irrespective of what they are. Take for instance FRIENDSHIPS: one may transact with hundreds if not thousands of "friends" on Facebook or other social media platforms and or literally, one may have tens of relatives around them but when you have a need outside of funeral and or wedding contributions, how many of such friends are usually practically available to your aid or service? How many of those can you be guaranteed will show up under whatever circumstances? Chances are that your quick count will end between three and five. In this area therefore, it is not the quantity of friends we have but the QUALITY that matters. It is wise that we concentrate on building genuine reliable real relationships, yes quality ones not loading ourselves with giant weights when a backpack full of what we REALLY NEED is the requirement.

What about in livelihoods, earning a living in today's world? How does quality as opposed to quantity come into play? In the photo to this article, if an innovative youngster or even adult with graphic skills adds just a colored LaserJet printer  to that set, adds a paper cutter and or photographic papers, a secretarial services business is added onto the mini events (Public Address system's management) business. If he or she can add internet services, a whole set of online businesses is kick started right on that one table, with just a bag and commuter bus, uber or bodaboda (bike ride) fare if movement is required to provide the service outside the vicinity of the table space. Yes, to start a business to sustain your livelihood does not necessarily need QUANTITY but just the required QUALITY of knowledge, items and smart planning!

Many have failed to bring their useful and profitable concepts to life because of wanting VOLUME or QUANTITY either of funds or other material resources before they can start, because of wanting to get a number of people or personnel to work with before they can take that all important first step, because of wanting a certain size of space for office, plant, shop, workshop or whatever before they can implement. This lack of appreciation for the QUALITY of the little you  have has left many job seeking, left many begging for aid when they could build on what they have. Yes, you could be having that mustard seed of quality that all you need is to plant, patiently nurture and see it grow into a great business or organization that will attract thousands if not millions and billions of funds and quality investments. 

Since you are reading this article  availed to you on this EMPOWER platform, then you are likely a Facebook user too, or you use one of its related media products: ask yourself and research more on the question "HOW DID FACEBOOK START?" A college student in his dormitory and today according to Scott Galloway in his book entitled "The Four: The Hidden DNA Of Amazon, Apple, Facebook And Google" says on page 93;

"No other media firm in history has combined Facebook's scale with its ability to target people. Each of Facebook's 2 billion users has created his or her own page with years of worth of personal content".

You can imagine how one college student's QUALITY Thinking and QUALITY Innovativeness and QUALITY Creativity has become a global brand that makes untold sums of money and keeps you glued on your phone or other such gadgets for between 30 to 50 minutes on average a day!!

CAN you be a great person with the little you have? YES DEAR, IT IS POSSIBLE, you just need to make quality use of your quality stuffs and your already quality brain since you can read an article like this and others on the EMPOWER platforms designed to EMPOWER you!

CAN you start a business with just little and grow it into something magnanimous? YES DEAR, It Is Possible, just walk around town and see people with just an old desktop and printer earning money already under stair cases, yes, making money from typing, photocopy and other secretarial plus services; above all, read about the origin of FACEBOOK  and see yourself and that idea you are imprisoning in your head as another Facebook but in your own field!

Jesus Christ was one man, prophet Mohammad was one man. They had QUALITY people around them for their projects and today no part of the world does not know about these two young men who lived in the middle east. You may argue that God Almighty was with them, and who says He Cannot be with you?

CAN YOU grow yourself and your ideas into what you dream them to be in future without having much? Without getting some big boost from someone else? YES DEAR, the narrative above and others that you might know tells you and me that IT IS POSSIBLE!

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Nelson Ebong
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Nelson Ebong

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