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Pearl Carlos

Pearl Carlos

20 Aug 2021

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Hello, my name is Pretty Carlos, and I am going to talk about my swimming life. It all started when I was six months or so, my mom started taking me to Azura and I got used to swimming. When I was two years, my mom took me to FUNCITY it was very class but there was no swimming pool but it was still fun. At four years old, I was supposed to start grade one but my new school JOMAK did not allow me to go to grade one so I had to repeat reception and this year was 2017, so I had to wait a whole year to go to grade one. The next year I was five years in grade one and if I did not repeat reception, I would not have made friends. Okay enough about school, soevery Tuesday the buses took us to a swimming pool at Bahari beach and it was really fun mostly because at the end the teachers gave out candy to the pupils.

In 2019 they built a swimming pool at school and that was the year of our first SWIMMING GALA, before putting any water in the pool our coach told us to assembly near the swimming pool and then sing the National Anthem. The swimming coach told us that when the swimming pool is finished, we would have a swimming gala and we were all so excited and scared at the same time.

On the day they finally finished the swimming pool, our swimming coach told us to assembly at the grass and when we finished singing the national anthem, the coach went inside the swimming pool. At first the swimming pool did not have water 💦 but the coach told us there is nothing to be afraid of, that the workers who built the swimming pool willput water in the swimming pool soon. Grade two swimming lesson was on Tuesday, so we were so excited, but then days passed until October.

As I said until October 30th then we had our SWIMMING GALA of 2019 it was really fun but also hard, it was like fuhard 🤣. The fun part was we swam the whole day and the hard part was I was swimming against grade fours and fives.

Next year it was 2020 and this swimming gala was very competitive, we had a swimming team, and I was in the swimming team. We were practising every day and on the last day of practice it was a Friday. Thenext day, in the evening I was in a swimming gala at Shabaan Roberts school 🏫 I won a medal 🏅and a certificate and it was kind of fun but at the end they didn't give me a medal, but I got it on Monday.

In the 2021 swimming GALA on the 30th of June and just the day before we did practice for the relay, was the swimming gala that was really fun and I won a medal and a certificate.

When I become 15 I am going to go to the Olympics, win a goal medal and that is my dream. 

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Pearl Carlos
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Pearl Carlos

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