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I remember as I was in primary school all the greenhouses I saw from various sources whether from movies, documentaries, pictures etc. seemed like small backyard agriculture projects for in-house consumption only. I loved the idea of having my own greenhouse one day. But then, I always asked myself if the greenhouses projects could be scaled up and why aren’t we putting emphasis on them as individuals and a country at large. I asked the same question to some of the older people in my life back then but the answers I got discouraged me from wanting to know more about them.

Years later I went back to exploring and learning about the greenhouse projects only to discover it is a big industry. Thanks to the growth of technology, the greenhouse industry is witnessing a blossom like never before. The old small-scale facilities that were primarily used for aesthetic purposes are transforming into significantly more large scale facilities that directly compete with land based conventional food production. Currently, the global greenhouse market produces about US $350 billion in vegetables annually.

These days greenhouses employ heavy technology. They use automated control systems and LED lights to perfectly fit the growing environment. The industry has given rise to many companies that are scaling significantly and strategically placing their growing facilities near urban areas to match the ever-increasing food demand regardless of the season. In order to accomplish this, the industry is becoming more and more capital infused using different means of funding to build necessary infrastructure need to be able to compete in the market. 

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Isaac Goima
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Isaac Goima

I love technology and all forms of art. Technology improves lives and Art makes living fun.

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