Meet Gigi (Ms. Georgina Magesa) Meet Gigi (Ms. Georgina Magesa)
Naomi Mattary

Naomi Mattary

23 Feb 2024

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To those of us who thought our dreams are taking longer than they should. To some of us who have given up, thinking maybe it may not happen. And to those who have completely forgotten about what our dreams once were, please meet Gigi, read all her books with an embassy on MY JOURNEY TO MEET THE PRESIDENT.

Dear Gigi,

Your book has inspired me. Your book found me at a time when I was questioning why some dreams are taking so long. Here I was thinking four months is a lot, but you waited more than ten months when you received the first call that had so much hope of achieving that dream. Here I was thinking maybe some dreams that are forgotten should stay hidden. Then I read your book where you had almost forgotten it too.

Here I was so much in my head, hoping for a word of affirmation that dreams do come true. Then you have clearly taught me, patience, humbleness, understanding and trusting in God, are the best options. And that is what I started to do. You have taught me appreciation for how it takes a village, it was not only Babu Tido who helped but Mama picked up the call, Azam invited the president and so many other roles behind the scenes that led you to achieving that dream. You taught me appreciation for those walking with me in this journey. Your book is a lesson that allows me to learn and unlearn that which is stagnant in the mind. Especially the beliefs we pick up as we get older. You reminded me of my childhood dreams. Reminding me that a child’s heart speaks of the truth, and we are to never shut our dreams down. Once again, I was so happy to be reminded by you, my sweet child, that yes dreams do come true. Your love for God is unexplainable, Your trust in him makes me want to know God even more. Your book has opened my heart to possibilities I forgot and to imaginations I had dulled. Never stop writing. For write to all of us. You touch all our hearts. I would say I am confused, how are you so young and touching each of us as much as you do? Then I am reminded by you again, that God is your anchor. And it's him who moves through you. Am honored to be part of your sweet life. I want to continue being part of your journey.

Thank you Gigi, I can't wait for the next book to come out.

With love

Aunt Nana. (Mama Polly)

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Naomi Mattary
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Naomi Mattary

A self-driven individual who is ambitious and passionate about making an impact and leaving a legacy. I enjoy reading, I love writing and travelling around.

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