Lonely but not Alone Lonely but not Alone
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Most people think I’m good at being alone,

That I have mastered the art of loneliness.

They assume that my heart is comfortable with the empty spaces it has failed to occupy.

Or that my bones are built to break and mold themselves back without needing a helping hand.

I’m guilty of making it seem that way,

I’ve sheltered my lonely so well that you can barely see the emptiness!

I’ve decorated it with lights, painted pictures of fulfillment so you can never tell when I’m lacking,

When I’m in need of somebody, of some love, some assurance, some assistance.

I didn’t have a choice, you see. It was either I learned to survive with myself,

Or let myself die in the arms of others, in the arms of people that don’t deserve me.

See most people would rather be surrounded by a crowd of lies than sit alone with the truth.

The truth can get lonely sometimes because others don’t see it, or try to pursue it.

So, you are left to decide which way to go and I simply chose the lonely road.

Though that doesn’t mean I’m alone, or I’ll be alone forever,

It just simply means that I am waiting to be surrounded by the right ones.

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Gladness Mayenga
Written by

Gladness Mayenga

I am a creative soul, passionate and self-driven. I love words, they are a tool, a weapon for healing, learning, discovering, becoming. Join me, as I go through uncovering my life's journey one paragraph at a time.

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