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Do you remember the times you cheered and clapped for another person? Remember that goal in a match? Remember that 2020 LeBron’s win? Or maybe you remember how you cheered for a best friend’s new business. Or was it a co-worker’s job promotion. Do you remember the achievements that touched your heart? And have you ever felt that way about “YOU”?

your true happiness will never rise above the degree of your self-love

I have an exercise for you. And let’s call this exercise “Imagine You”. You just need to find a quiet place where you can sit down with your journal or iPad or smartphone or whatever you need to take notes. At that quiet place, close your eyes and start imagining You. Recall all your accomplishments, all the moments which mean a world to you. Remember how you did your best at school. Remember how you had to adopt new habits to become a better you. Try and remember how you started your business with that bold entrepreneurial spirit. Remember how you’ve always worked hard at your job and for your family. Record all that in your journal, but most important, record it in your mind.

Now go further and remember how generous you have been to others. How you’ve offered your shoulder for people to cry on. Remember the times you’ve helped people simply because you cared for them. Remember how you prayed and how you wished well for others. Record how you have loved people and how you have served others.

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Now I am a Christian. And one of the most important bible verses to me is Mark 12:31 which says ‘….you shall love your neighbor as yourself’. This means, I cannot love my neighbor above the love I have for myself. I cannot offer that which I do not have. For me to love people more, to serve them more and to care for them more, I must love myself more, I must care about myself and I should have a good image about myself.

Do not forget to love yourself. Do not forget to cheer for your accomplishments no matter how small they seem to the next person. Do not forget to count your blessings. Do not forget to IMAGINE YOU.

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Elias Kasunga
Written by

Elias Kasunga

I am a corporate lawyer specializing in contracts, company formation, company secretarial practice & governance. When not using my legal brain I write christian poems and quotes. Check out my new poetry book titled "AS I CRY OUT TO HEAVEN" currently on Amazon.

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