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Finding opportunities for exposure to the not very common yet available facets of life sets one apart in many ways, most important, it EMPOWERS you to see and comprehend beyond what the ordinary eyes and minds see hence setting you apart as one to lead thoughts and credibly so. With this exposure( ref. Photo) this young lady won't see just chicken throughout her life as most urban kids do, but she will see an EGG MAKER TOO, a valuable added insight that can turn into an added income source depending on what the future brings to her secular and social paths. 

We have seen and read about young and old entrepreneurs who have seen plastic drinking straws as raw materials for money making art pieces while others saw and still see them as trash, we have observed in real life or in the media discarded wine bottles  that others gathered and decorated into precious house decos, etc: none of these ideas came to them from no where, they must have been in one way or another EXPOSED to artistic creativity in which they took interest probably with the aid of a mentor, the interest developed into knowledge, the knowledge gave raise to creativity and innovation that now gives them the profitable ability to see and take advantage of broader opportunities in what others see as trash or useless. Educative skill developing exposures as exemplified above bless their beneficiaries among other things with employment  besides contributing to developing the economy and the sense of achievement or satisfaction that comes with knowing you are a productively useful member of the community. 

How do we get exposure? It comes in many forms and packages, it is us to be keen on recognizing  and taking the initiative to learn from them. Consider our girl in the photo, right from inside her humble family kitchen, the little lady has been exposed to a life long knowledge of chicken being more than just a source of meat but a money making egg producing source, something others her age may not have the chance of.  For you it could be traveling, eating out, being hospitalised, just while taking a walk, etc, whatever you see and can learn from  is valuable EXPOSURE if you choose to THINK profitably about them and use the insight gained  productively.

In their book entitled 'The Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich And Why Most Don't', Donald J Trump and Robert T. Kayosaki emphasize the contribution of  EXPOSURE to success when they say, on page 120;

"...work on experiencing more diverse aspects of business and life....Just be exposed to them"

Note that these two world renowned businessmen say you just need to be "EXPOSED" and not necessarily to know everything, yes they like others of their entrepreneurial calibre recognize the significant role of exposure to personal and other developments linked to the individual.

A key source of valuable exposure is  READING: reading is highly loaded, probably the most rich source of this treasure called 'exposure'; through reading you learn from the people who have achieved what you are aspiring for, in the process, you learn a lot more other beneficial things too. Yes, I eat home grown vegetables from our city residence backyard as a result of reading from the 'Promised Land' by Barrack Obama that his family cultivated their own vegetables in the backyard of the White House, if they could at that status with its accompanying comforts, why not me? Why not you? Did you know that the Mwalimu Nyerere family raised chicken at Ikulu (kiswahili for State House) to subsidize their income? (Ref: Julius Nyerere, A Biography: Development As Rebellion) yes, money saving, money making exposures and healthy organic eating gained through reading and put to practical utilisation. You too may have and can utilize this readily accessible avenue, reading!

The more exposures, the better for your leading from an informed position, the better your secular advancement chances, the better your entrepreneurial potentials, the better your relationships in various fields

THE QUESTION some may ask, especially young ones, is that if they have no access to books and travels due to costs, no reliable and or available mentors to provide and guide through the necessary exposures, then they may take it as a disadvantage: Can We In This Category Too Get Profitable Exposure For Life Achievements?

YES DEAR, ITS POSSIBLE: the fact that you are reading this article and others on the empower platform and media, the fact that you can see and interact with others, the fact that you are alive, all these mean that all you need is to see whatever you see with innovative eyes, doing so will EMPOWER you in ways you will always appreciate!

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Nelson Ebong
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Nelson Ebong

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