Excel tip: Lock cursor into select mode Excel tip: Lock cursor into select mode
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Lock cursor on select mode

There are more than one convenient ways to select multiple cells in a spreadsheet. The most common one is to select one cell and drag the cursor to any direction to select a range of cells. For example, you want to select cells, A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5, all you do is put a cursor on cell A1 and drag it down or cell A5 and drag it up.

This method is good if you want to select multiple cells in a range. However, sometimes you may want to apply or change the format in worksheet cells that are scattered. Let's say you want to apply blue colour in cells A1, J10 and L3. It is impossible to highlight the whole range since the format will apply to even the unwanted cells. 

Since the cells are so far apart, one way to do this could be to apply a format in one cell and do format painter on others(copy and paste the cell format). In another case, you might use another familiar option of pressing the "Ctrl" button on the keyboard and selecting multiple cells at one time. Well, for this method to work your finger must stick on that "Ctrl" button while selecting cells in spreadsheets.

However, there is one uncommon method you can use to select multiple cells in your spreadsheet without a sweat. Press the "SHFT" and "F8" buttons to lock your cursor on select mode. The method you multiple cells at once, without quitting the selection mode and applying any action on them. 

The process is hands-free once you have pressed those two buttons you do not need to hold or press any other button. Use your mouse to select multiple cells you want and perform any action like highlight, delete, change font or number format.

Try it today!

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