Every Breath you take : Mindful Breathing Every Breath you take : Mindful Breathing
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Can you breathe?

Ohhh…Yes! You'll say…

I ask you again, can you breath!?

Forget your biology classes…. I am not asking if you can take air in and out your lungs…obviously, I know you can do that. Breathing is more than that!

I was going through one of my previous articles named, "A breath of Gratitude", I thought well, as simple as it sounds, do most people really know how to actually do it? Having a notion that simple things in life are the hardest!

Breathing is central to our life, it allows us to get the energy needed, but how does it work?

What Does it Mean to Just Breath?

I for one, I am still learning how to do it... I first came across this question from listening to a guided meditation and I was told to breathe for 10 minutes! The instructor said, “ Just keep on breathing and after 10 minutes I will ask you to stop....” followed this statement, what caught my attention was when she said, "We CANNOT stop taking air in and out...But we CAN stop breathing".

Since then, I trained myself how to breathe and by doing it, I've learnt the following about breathing;

First, Breathing is to be Mindful. There might be much to say/write about Mindfulness, but for me, being mindful means to be YOU being ONESELF. Breathing provides the space to meet with yourself and ask yourself and explore who YOU are really.

Second, Breathing is to Be Present. I remember during the 15 minutes, the instructor asked us to listen to our heartbeats as we breathe, I couldn't... My brain was meandering around…Till today I can’t listen to my heartbeats, but through practice, I discovered what works for me, “Music”. Through listening to music whilst breathing, I learnt how to Focus by paying attention to every single melody used to compose the song... This allowed me to be more present, be in the moment... Be in the HERE and the NOW moment in our lives.

Third, Breathing is to be Creative. I know! I am not talking about the narrow definition of creativity, the painting and signing type of creativity... Try this, pick a certain way of doing things. (Say: How to solve an issue, How you start your day, How you communicate your ideas…etc) … take a few minutes away and challenge yourself to think of the alternative ways whilst breathing...As you do so, just write/draw any idea that comes into your mind. I am sure on your third or tenth attempt you will see the difference. When we face some complex challenges, we need this skill the most. However, in those situations is when we rarely remember to breathe. Flip your reaction and see how breathing will allow your mind to be loose and free to think fast

Now I ask you again, can you Breathe?

What I am referring to here, is can you relax and be Mindful, be Present and allow our brain to be stimulated by the aurora of our respiratory system.

When I started, I also felt, “My mind was/is too busy.” But guess what, we who think we are busy or having a meandering mind are the ones that need this the most. Let’s Start, Eventually, you will get there, if you desire to, if you practice. Start by doing 1 Minute Mindful breathing, then 3 Minutes…10 minutes... Repeat! As you do this, try what works for you. I struggle with a quiet breathing exercise. I like to listen to music when I do it... This takes my mind somewhere.

I allow my mind to wander in my thoughts and my body to focus on my breathing. Breathing is a great way to connect and to just be.

Watch this video to start breathing as you enter into new:

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Amani Shayo
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Amani Shayo

Amani Alphonce Shayo is an aspiring Consultant and Human Capital enthusiast. Currently working at Empower Limited, a dynamic Human Capital Consulting firm. He is Passionate about People and Innovation. He loves reading and writing to a greater course that is to inspire others to be more and do more.

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