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“Stock Market is the venue where we buy and sell shares of all listed companies. Companies use the stocks market to raise funds for their business projects. This can be done by issuing shares or bonds”

There is only one stock exchange in Tanzania that make up the stock markets in a country. This market is known as the Dar Es Salaam stock exchange. Also known as DSE. Dar Es Salaam stock exchange is regulated by two government bodies. They are CMSA (The capital markets and securities authorities) and DSE to supervise and implement all rules and regulations according to the financial acts of Tanzania.

There are 29 companies listed in the Dar Es Salaam Stock exchange. They are Tbl, Twiga cement, Tcl, Nmb, Crdb, Jatu, Vodacom are listed in Dar Es Salaam Stocks exchanges after issuing their shares. There are also other companies.

Buyers and sellers act as the market movers for these shares. The supply and demand for these shares determine the value of these shares. DES markets exist electronically and can be accessed through a stockbroker. Investors can buy and sell shares through their mobile phones simple by dialling *150*36# (Vodacom, Tigo & Airtel) for quotation, later will receive a message prompt to pay either by Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money or Maxmalipo. Within 3 days the respective broker that you have chosen will contact you.

There are authorized brokers/ dealers to facilitate your buying and selling process. some of them are-:

  1. Orbit securities company limited
  2. Core securities limited
  3. Tanzania securities limited
  4. TIB rasilimali limited

In Tanzania, there are mainly six kinds of participants in Dar Es Salaam stock markets. They are-:

  1. Fund managers.
  2. Nominated advisors
  3. Investment advisors
  4. Custodians.
  5. Licenced dealing members


I think Local and foreign investors with the possibility to invest and diversify their investment have good chances to invest and benefits from DSE since it has less volatility compared to other market in emerging market. Most of the times DSE doesn’t react on local and international events. Therefore, it can act as a safe heaven investment for your capital.

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M.k Butinini
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M.k Butinini

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