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On a calm day as I peruse on Twitter pages, this interesting tweet caught up my attention; it was retweeted more than 25,000 times with more than 1,000 replies. The comments were informative and interesting.

While scrolling on my phone screen, I paused and reflected. That moment felt like I was carrying a spinning bag of questions, is this what I really want to do in life? Am I driven to perfect what I do? Is this what I want to thrive in? Does it align with my passion? And is changing a career worth a try?

As we grow older, our interest is likely to change. I bet you can agree with me on this one. We either discover our true passion or divert from it. It is challenging being good at what one does but does not align with their passion.

So is this what makes us crave for a career change? MAYBE. I believe if one is not excited enough to do what he/she does and is only doing it for the bread, then whatever that she is doing is not what she desires. There will be no joy and excitement; I believe that it has to be natural and motivating to attain what we aimed at this beautiful yet messed up life.

I am not saying people should be okay with jumping from one career to the other on reasons that, the Boss is not treating them right, the payment does not meet the needs and or the 8–5 schedule does not align with them. With my personal experience all, I can say is “I understand” but not being happy with what you do, although it does not align with your passion should not be resolved by a career change. Let us not mix up a job change to a career change.

Jay Shetty in his book “Think Like a Monk” said;

"…instead of making a huge career change, you can try my approach: look for opportunities to do what you love in the life you already have. You never know where it might lead.”

So what if we find opportunities as we continue doing what we love? Why not start by exploring our experience in different aspects of life? You can also do the following;

  • i. Meet new people to understand their experience, challenges etc. I believe it will be worth it.

  • ii. Find a Mentor. Currently, there is an increased number of organisations that offer Mentorship programs, join one. You can also find one that you know personally. Aim to reach that career goal you crave so much with their help.

  • iii. Read. Explore your mind with books, nourish your skills on your new career choice if you intend to have one or read on how to improve your current possessed skills for your career choice.

  • iv. Re-evaluate your skills.

Ask yourself as you read this.

  • i. Are you in the right place doing the thing you love as you pursue your purpose?

  • ii. Is your work environment the reason why you are voting for a career change? Why not change the job?

  • iii. Are you forced to keep doing the same thing because you cannot change your career despite changed beliefs and passion?. Isn't that devastating?

  • iv. What does your work mean to you?

So should change of career despite the age, experience and circumstances be normalized? Maybe.

The choice is yours. I believe you will do a thorough self-assessment before you move.

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Joyceline M. Kaika
Written by

Joyceline M. Kaika

Joyceline is a Practicing Advocate with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. She is well skilled in Corporate and Commercial legal matters. She enjoys writing and researching.

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