Can you stop lying to yourself in 2020? Can you stop lying to yourself in 2020?
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December - that time of the year where there is an increasing amount of motivation content out here.

Motivation is a new drug. I'm sorry if this post will motivate you as that's not my intention. I aim to share my own experience hoping to instil a sense of awareness and knowledge to others. For 2020 you don't need this drug (motivation). You need Knowledge, Understanding of oneself and Discipline.

Beginning of 2019, apart from having a few goals that I wanted to achieve, I set for myself a word that will guide me through the year. This word was to keep me in check with my actions and thoughts at all times for 365 days.

My word was TRUTH.

I wanted to challenge myself to be truthful in all spheres of life. Staying true to my personal growth, career, finances, relationships, etcetera. I have to admit, it is not easy but I'm glad doing it. Though I am not there yet, I know there is still a lot to do in living a truthful life. I'm proud of what I have achieved.

In most cases, we tend to set Goals and Make wishes but we don't want to let go of the underlying behaviours that stop us from reaching those goals. We run away from our truth. However, deep down we know it.

“Yes, sometimes things happen for a reason...But sometimes the reason is our LIES.

Do you know why you didn't achieve some of your 2019 Goals? Simply because of the lies you tell yourself. How many times did you use some of these statements? I will deal with it tomorrow! I don't have time now! Let me have fun kidogo!

Coming 2020 challenge yourself to find your TRUTH and OWN it. Don't validate your failures and mistakes of 2019 so as you can feel better to start 2020. Seek the truth and let it BUILD rather than BREAK you.

Don't get into the pressure of setting other unrealistic goals just because it's January 1st. Take time to do your pre-work (finding Truth) and give serious thought to your goals. Most of us probably haven’t put in the time to do this over the holidays and will not be prepared by Jan.

From my own experience, I learn that Truth can take time and can be tough sometimes. Truth looks awful and feels like an attack on what we believe or who we are. But Inside Truth is True Happiness.

Today, choose to face your Truth and build upon that.

Below are 3 simple steps that I recommend with a hypothetical example to guide you through;

1. Confront Your Self – Ask yourself those hard questions. Example – What is stopping you from reading books? What is holding you back from living a healthy life?

2. Accept Your Truth – Put yourself at the centre of your circumstance and be mindful not to be a victim. Example - What is stopping you from reading books? My truth is – I cannot keep focus as I allow distractions. What is holding you back from living a healthy life? My truth is – I like an easy life, I fail to resist unhealthy food, I lack discipline in exercise.

3. Control or Influence Your Reality (More on this in the next article) – From your truth, Can you make changes. Are your action points give you control of the circumstance? – If not can you do anything to influence the outcome?

Now you have your truth and action points that you can work on. Proceed by setting your vision and goals for next year.

Cherish your 2020 visions; Cherish your 2020 Goals; Dance to the music that speaks with your heart, And the beauty of imaginations that forms in your mind; the universe will work in your favour; of these, if you but stay TRUE to them, your 2020 will be built.

It is never late to stay TRUE.

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Amani Shayo
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Amani Shayo

Amani Alphonce Shayo is an aspiring Consultant and Human Capital enthusiast. Currently working at Empower Limited, a dynamic Human Capital Consulting firm. He is Passionate about People and Innovation. He loves reading and writing to a greater course that is to inspire others to be more and do more.

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