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Small businesses will always need fresh business ideas to stay at the top of the markets as competitors.

On every startup there is need for potential generation of business ideas. Even for the coming days (when these startups grow from small to medium scale operations) they need more new fresh business ideas to run their business firms.

Startup ideas are only the beginning in the business ideas generation process. Dynamics of the context in which your firm operates, will need plenty of ideas to improve, to change and to innovate something that will add advantage to growth of the firm.

It does not matter if the ideas are about new products, services, processes, business model or improvements of all of them. All of them are important in ensuring your firm success. Nowadays product life cycle does not allow firms to not develop and introduce to the market totally new products and services. Firms cannot be the best if they cannot improve their processes or experiment and try new elements into their business models.

Firms need business ideas, and they need many ideas. The question is how they can produce an infinite number of ideas that will be available to whenever the time of need comes. 

Simply those ideas need to solve certain needs, if they solve the problems, that firm will become the better or more productive. 

Secondly, firms need information about the problem as to observe problems in the right way as inside outside. Thirdly, things that can be stupid today sometimes can be worth and important tomorrow. It is like having a database of problems, at today’s point of view they might sound stupid but keep them all as lots of biggest opportunities nowadays were once stupid ideas or unrealistic ideas.

Fourthly, collection of ideas and practically executing things about them is the right thing to do. Experimenting and testing the initial ideas can bring more ideas that will improve firms.

Lastly, how things are being done today for the need to improve tomorrow. Record current data correctly as they will lead to discoveries of many hidden ideas and opportunities. So, keep recording most important things related to everyday operations of the business as it will become the priceless treasure for tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Mohamed Maston Ismael.

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Mohamed Maston
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Mohamed Maston

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