Book Review: Welcoming the Unwelcome by Pema Chodron Book Review: Welcoming the Unwelcome by Pema Chodron
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Pema Chodron, in her unique and powerful way, helps lead us through this “brokenhearted world” that is full of disappointments and heartbreaks. In welcoming the unwelcome, she gives us simple instructions to rise above the gloom and doom, cultivate a spirit of optimism, build compassion for ourselves and others.

For anyone going through difficult situations, this book will help ignite your passion for life and most of all provide a means of relief through the various strategies listed within the book. 

This book brought a sense of calm to my heart and mind and reading this book really helped provide useful insights on how to deal with difficult situations in life. Welcoming the Unwelcome has helped me think critically and view the world and the mind in new perspectives.

I loved the section at the end of the book that explains practices that are mentioned throughout the book such as  Tonglen (which is a breathing technique aimed at exhaling the negative and inhaling the positive) and L. E. S. R. which is an acronym for locate, embrace, stop and remain (a technique aimed at locating the area where you feel the negative emotion, embracing the feeling, refraining from avoiding this feeling and remaining at ease or in peace with it).

Life happens no matter what our intentions or plans are. There is good and bad in everything that we do or have and the ultimate truth is that we are not used to being in uncomfortable situations for even a mere three seconds. 

This book is full of words of wisdom about addressing those face-down moments, how to embrace uncomfortable solutions and put things into perspective.

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Neelam Babul
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Neelam Babul

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