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For everything to workout perfectly and smoothly there has to be a balance. When it comes to meals, we're told to eat a "balanced" diet etc. Too much of anything is harmful they say so for it to be safe, then balance is required.

In life, nature has always found a way to balance us ever since we began forming in the womb where we were all female at first until one of the X chromosomes broke into a Y chromosome and eventually the male gender is created (this is according to science from an article I once read). 

There's always a way created by nature to create balance in this overpopulated world we live in. This is why not everyone is tall and not everyone short, not everyone is black or white, not everyone is rich and not everyone is poor, not everyone is straight similarly we can't all be females or all be males. We have to balance in some way.

Moral of the story is; Whenever you feel left out in this world, remember you're not a problem or a mistake but you're the one nature chose to create a balance. Everyone is significantly unique in their own way and that is the greatest weapon and power human beings posses.

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Rhoda Lugazia
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Rhoda Lugazia

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