Nelson Ebong

Nelson Ebong

25 Jan 2022

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Everyone has some valuable seed in them just waiting to be popped out, everyone has some virtue in them waiting for the right moment to be powered into action, and everyone just needs their present moment to release the treasure inside them for the good of humanity and our world.

The pretty brilliant talented lady in this photograph was a key provided by Miranda Naiman’s #empower talented team to open part of the author's store of writings to the world. When did this happen? Simple answer, when he allowed himself to be present in the present. Join me in the trail below for a real life illustration of how this principle of  'being present in the present' can be a key to propelling you towards reaching your goal.

Like many others, I have a fondness for coffee served in a clean, neat environment with a touch of classic presentation in its serving, that service which makes you have a feel of what being in a certain class means even when you are just a common citizen irrespective of where life occasionally throws you like it has done many times on and off to many of us, probably you too.

This fondness led me into the then Inspire Centre run by empower at the time, had my coffee as I read and carried out some other online tasks. As customary, I took a break to stroll around the premise and in the process came across the empower office section which had beautiful art pieces well arrayed along the walls just before one is irresistibly hit by the rich collection of books on a well polished book shelf at the reception and carefully selected responsible young men amidst beautiful young ladies in an inner glass - shielded well furnished spacious pool office directly facing the entrance. Jacqueline, one of those gifted ladies whom God must have spent a little more height material to endow with those legs that my friend Pius would rather ignore the Pope than not glue his eyes just admiring was at the reception and struck my attention into subordination as she smilingly requested to know how she could be of help, listened to me carefully and got on the intercom to bring in my present that I had to be in as a key for the Yes Dear It’s Possible concepts to be shared to the world. Out came another of Miranda’s brilliant selections of the best, Ms. Nancy Mbogoro (pictured with the author) who shouldered the weight of as many leading questions as my mouth could freely unleash for her answering, which she gleefully did to satisfaction, accomplished my registration on the spot following my non hesitation to accepting the movement terms. By both of us being present in the present on this particular day, we both scored winning goals with several seeds of ideas that have matured into beneficial articles read by thousands across boarders through www.empower.co.tz under it’s The Movement page, not only that, a book has been published and launched and more is yet to come if it be the Almighty God’s will.

Lessons from the Narrative Above:

a) Alertness to opportunities in the present: As a writer with a fondness for dispensing knowledge and experiences garnered through the years, The Movement on www.empower.tz.co provides an empowering gift that Heavens has dispensed through its founders and personnel. But this worm of a human being called Nelson had to walk in, ask searching questions to understand what it really offers, listen with undivided attention as the doubly beautiful in mind and body representative of empower.co.tz unreservedly explained what her mama Madam Miranda Naiman had bestowed upon her to share, that is, the knowledge of what The Movement of empower.co.tz does for humanity’s good.

Being alert exposed me to the opportunity that has today yielded a book entitled Yes Dear It’s Possible and is available both in hard and soft copy, it has been read on planes, by Israelis, In south Sudan, in the United States of America, in Britain, in our neighbouring countries and many other revelations over time will reveal the scope.

Lesson: Wherever you find yourself, be alert to the opportunities that lark in the vicinity, pay close attention to the present setting while avoiding as much as you can the distracting influence of social media on your phone and your mind's tendency to stray far off from the present.

My present was both the location as in the empower premises and secondly, the articulate mind coupled with crystal clear explanations of Ms. Nancy Mbogoro and clear objectives of The Movement that resonated with mine; to them I say thank you today and always!

b) Preparedness: Be ready to grasp the opportunity immediately you find it and that is what we both did. How? I asked Nancy if I could join The Movement and what the requirements were, she explained and asked if she could get me on board. I asked her when and she retorted ‘even right now’ and so the registration was done and the ball went rolling down to this present article and many others to come.

In his book entitled ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ , author George S. Clason aptly states that;

“Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared”

Do you remember the Boy Scout song of old that encourages the boys to always be ready? Yes ...be prepared...be ever ready to take opportunity by her horns when she shows up. She is a haughty goddess with too many running after her and will not wait for unprepared brats. I took her by the horns and thanks to the www.empower.co.tz/themovement

c) Clear knowledge of and focus on your goals; How will you distinguish between just the present and a present with an opportunity if you do not clearly know what you need to achieve? How do you take advantage of an opportunity when your heart and mind are roving between several targets? How will you choose the best opportunities if you have no priority goal(s)?

Look at that photo carefully, the young lady is no doubt beautiful, a possible distraction for a mind that is not focused; instead of listening to understand and identify opportunities in the movement, an unfocused mind would start thinking of how to seduce her, would just enjoy her voice and presence only to piss her off and loose the entire gist of virtue and value in her advisory position, impeding the freedom of interaction with her leave alone her team and thus rendering the present opportunity unfruitful.

When you allow your mind and emotions to deviate from a major goal due to any reason whatsoever, in this case, an emotional attraction and attempt to force its satisfaction, your own sense of guilt could be a bottleneck to making a follow-up on your real career purpose of making contact with an individual or institution. You might have your way; but was that your goal? If the initial contact was tactfully diversionary, well and good, if not, the real opportunity is lost because of your own lack of focus.

When you are ready mentally, when you know why you want what you want, when you know what will help you achieve a goal, when you are prepared to make use of the opportunity, only then shall the law of attraction be your mentor and benefactor bringing opportunities just at the right time.

It is said that LUCK is where preparedness meets with opportunity, so create your own luck by being prepared in the above context. Once prepared, all you will need is for the law of attraction to bring opportunity to you for the grab.

A word of caution: opportunity does not find you lazily sitting there shuffling your dreams in your mind; you find it by searching everywhere and in the most likely places!

d) Risk the unknown: In Robin Sharma’s ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, we are taken through a scene in which the main character invites his mentee to a graveyard/ cemetery in the wee hours of the night. He is instructed to come all alone. On arrival, he searches for and finds the monk but in the vicinity there is a freshly dug grave. The man goes through all the instructions of his strange old mentor without knowing what his next fate would be. After the graveyard lessons they both leave and continue with their normal lives and further interactions. But all said and done, at his death, the monk bequeaths to the daring young man all that he admired from the monk, especially the red Ferrari! Had he been faint hearted and doubted the old man, his life would have remained the same miserable stressful hell it was before meeting his opportunity, yes his present for dream fulfilment wrapped in the scary lessons of Robins strange but adorable character.

How does this relate to the story of Yes Dear It’s Possible and its subsequent progenies?

Nelson had never met empower nor Nancy before but he trusted her to take his phone and do the registration into the movement online. Nelson had never shared his many articles meant for this book’s publishing with anyone but his gut feeling just trusted the empower team with one portion after another till the test was passed and the ground was set for a book launch and release into the world of books for your consumption.

Sometimes, being overly cautious makes you miss the opportunities that avail themselves, you just need to trust the process on some occasions and let yourself swim with the flow provided the basics have been determined.

Caution: there is a big difference between trusting your guts when it directs you to flow with the tide and recklessly falling into every chance that presents itself. Please, always use your discretion to the full to determine when to trust and when to hold on for the right opportunity. The empower.co.tz establishment is a well managed, well established centre that one can always risk trusting, they are at present worth the risking like the Monk who had demonstrated his intrinsic worth to the young man in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

e) Dare to speak your desire: Prof. Richard Mabala, well known for his book ‘Mabala The Farmer’ among other writings helped me find this Swahili saying; ‘Chelewa chelewa ukute mwana si wako’; it is a precautionary admonition that encourages you to never hesitate in taking timely action towards achieving a goal. It could relate to a young man interested in a lady, if he delays telling her his heart’s desire while coupling the verbal expression of interest with the requisite actions, it might reach a time and it’s too late; you might discover in great disappointment that she is not available to you anymore- ukute mwana si wako!

This applies to many areas of dream walks. In the case of Yes Dear It’s Possible, the author never delayed in expressing his interest to become part of The Movement . If he never expressed his interest, how on earth would Madam Miranda’s team have taken him through the necessities of becoming a mover on the platform? How on earth would Ms Nancy have known the particular service within the rich catalogue of services rendered by empower limited that fits into his need? From sourcing quality staff for its clients, training , institutional team building retreats, market research and many other top notch services rendered with a personalised touch, empower will give you the service you need as an institution or business if you just let them know and of course, you must be a match for the mwana to be wako, that is, for them to render the required HR related and other services to you at competitive rates.

I spoke my mind and they directed me to what fitted my desire to educate and mentor, to guide especially the younger generations into the practical implications of life’s daily choices and actions.

f) Embrace rejection and failure; In chapter nine of Yes Dear It’s Possible we dealt with the hidden blessings in failures, and we recommend that you secure a copy for yourself in order to get the deeper meaning of the significance of this concept.

The first piece I sent to the The Movement was rejected. It might have evoked an unpleasant feeling  but not of  disillusionment at least. On following up, the content team unselfishly explained their institutional guidelines which prompted the non approval of the first article presented. We both acted on our parts as diligently as can be and the first article of that series was approved and published online.

To some people, rejection feels like the end of their goal, rejection sups up all the energy in them killing an otherwise healthy aspiration. Rejection has destroyed the lives of many young men and women whose love proposals or relationships were squashed, rejection has made students fail exams, it has caused untold suffering and pain even depression in children when their parents reject them or get estranged from each other – you may call it by its two names; divorce or separation. In financial matters, a bank loan request being rejected when you desperately need it to salvage a deal on the edge of a cliff has seen many go through extremely perilous moments.

On the positive side, those who receive rejection as a normal aspect of life will always wade through this phenomenon with their heads high, coming out stronger and better at the end of the ordeal.

What lessons do we garner from empower rejecting the very first attempt?

a) Better Understanding of concepts: there are times when for one reason or another you are overly certain about your position on something in relation to another person’s. Sometimes your understanding is the appropriate position to be held, no doubt, but there are occasions when if you are open to discussion and new insights, you gain better understandings than that which you previously held.

In our case, the knowledge of what length of content mattered in relation to the quality audience that empower targets, the pictorial and or video additions that add more allure to the content considering the current digital trends among others had not occurred to me as absolutely necessary; to me it was just share the content that mattered. So when the first article was rejected, I took the trouble to inquire and #empower took the time to fill in the missing gap in my knowledge of what would make for a more appropriate online presence for the content.

Lesson: follow up to understand why the rejection and work on it for acceptance if it is within your means. If absolutely not within your scope, maybe it is time to trace your lane and excel in it; but never quit in a hurry, some of the best relationships are products of several hard hitting rejections in which the rejected never gave up, they kept returning with lessons learnt till the jackpot prize was won.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO understand more comprehensively how best to determine the PRESENT MOMENTS that are rich in opportunities for your self improvement and growth? Keep on the look out for our upcoming book in which the subject is developed further, its  entitled "Practical Approaches To STOP COMPOUNDING PROBLEMS" 

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Nelson Ebong
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Nelson Ebong

Being Of Effective Service by sharing knowledge and skills both experiential, which is most impacting, and learned, which can be hypothetical but all the same essential in the journey towards the mastery of living that is fulfilling and positively contributory to improving our world

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