6 Excuses holding us back... 6 Excuses holding us back...
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 1. Perfection

 Afraid your next work or project won't be as good as your last one?

 Every Idea executed is an opportunity to get better.

 Instead of focusing on being perfect, Just do it

 2. Time

 Too busy to work on that project or create?

 What about 30 minutes a day?

 Instead of waiting for the right time to do it, Start doing it small...Even by writing one sentence per day.

 There's no such thing as "I don't have time" - Schedule and prioritize.

 3. Talent

 Wish you had more talent?

 Talent is not what makes you great, But determination and perseverance.

Hard work beats talents every time!

 4. Inspiration

Having a hard time finding inspiration?

Open your eyes, Look what is in front of you; It could be your social media, Articles or books you read, People you interact with or even your favorite brands you use every day.

Try to find a way to use it in what you are doing or want to do.

 5. Resources

Missing those fancy resources that others are using?

Start with what you have or what you can get. Do not worry about not having resources that you cannot get.

Fancy resources will not make you great at what you are doing or what you are want to do! You Do!

6. Originality

Cannot come up with a new idea?

Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, Research about past or already executed project, idea...Then re-do it better according to your target audience, user, etc.

Don't Overthink it!

What other excuses that normally hold us back?

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Francis Juma Katambi
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Francis Juma Katambi

I help brands kickstart or develop their businesses with a user-centered online presence. Determined to create sustainable and useful digital experiences that are accessible, credible, usable, desirable, findable but also valuable.

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