365 days of Corporate Motherhood 365 days of Corporate Motherhood
Catherine Chumi

Catherine Chumi

05 Oct 2021

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This month Ryan, my son turns 1. I clearly remember that after becoming a mother, I reconsidered (and prayed about) what my professional life would look like in terms of what we value as a family, what our financial situation looked like, etc. I was ready to leave my job outside the city and move closer to my family and fortunately, at the end of my maternity leave, I landed a new role here at Empower. I decided to take on this role because it allowed me to be close to my family among other things.

My Typical Workday

My typical workday starts with potty training Ryan (it’s about time) and then having to leave him crying for me, not the best way to start my day but I always try to reassure him that I am only leaving for a few hours and will be back. Hopefully, soon he will get to understand that part.

Then I jump to my busy 8 to 5 where my days usually vary but I do focus on getting all my work done because at the end of the day I am very much excited to get home to his big smile and excitement of my presence.

While I am at work, I try not to micromanage my nanny with overwhelming check-ins and exercise trust with her as she has been taking very good care of my son for the past year.

My Weekends

Weekends are family time when the three of us can be together. We typically spend them in the house playing with our son. We always try to make sure we are together for quality family time for some part of the weekend, and I also love meeting up with my friends (VIBENATI). In terms of other routines: I make it a priority to be at church on Sunday mornings and rest as much as I can.


My biggest struggle as a mum was and still is finding time to balance it all while still feeling like I am “doing a good job” at everything: professionally, as a parent, as a partner, for myself, as a friend, daughter, etc. Also learning to maintain boundaries at a personal level, not say yes to every commitment or activity, and just live simply in the moment helps me remember what is important in life

Any Advice

No one can define for you what work and motherhood or success in either should look like. Define your path and do what is right for you and your family. I will borrow a quote from a very good friend of mine "Do You boo boo!!!"

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Catherine Chumi
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Catherine Chumi

Passionate about positively engaging human capital in the workplace.

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