Workshop Manager

roomDar es Salaam

business_centerFull Time

book Direct Reports

bookmark Intermediate

directions_carDriving License Not Required

flagOnly Open to Tanzanian Nationals




Manage all activities around the workshop


  • Estimate costs and time required for repair or maintenance of the vehicle.
  • Plan, organize, and coordinate the day-to-day running of the garage, e.g. by writing work orders and by arranging for garage staff to perform necessary maintenance and repair work on vehicles.
  • Repair, maintain, and service vehicles and their mechanical and electronic components.
  • Ensure that necessary spare parts, materials, and equipment are available or obtainable at short notice.
  • Check the activities in the garage, inspect completed work for compliance with safety and other statutory regulations, and make sure defects are repaired or adjusted.
  • Maintain records of repair and service work, and make reports to detect recurrent faults.
  • Make sure the vehicle is returned to the owner in a clean and decent state.
  • Provide information for staff about latest developments, technical specifications of new cars, garage merchandise, etc.

Education and Qualifications

  • Education should be at least Form 4 and above


  • At least more than 5-8 Years of Experience. 


  • Liaise with managers 
  • Supervise work 
  • Promote organizational communication 
  • Create solutions to problems 
  • Advise customers 
  • Disseminate internal communications
  • Identify customer's needs 
  • Maintain relationships with suppliers 
  • Manage staff 
  • Provide operational efficiency training to employees 
  • Diagnose problems with vehicles 
  • Supervise the management of an establishment 
  • Plan employees work in vehicle maintenance 
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction 
  • Follow company standards 
  • Use different communication channels 
  • Maintain relationships with customers 
  • Plan health and safety procedures
  • Visit manufacturers




Manufacturing: 5 Years




Technical/Technician: 5 Years