Terms of Reference - Facilitation of Training on Monitoring and Evaluation to Training Providers (TPs)



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Skills for Employment Tanzania (SET) is a Swiss Development Corporation (SDC) supported programme implemented in Tanzania. It aims to improve the employment and employability of youth and young women and mothers through skills development. In its bid to strengthen training providers (TPs) capacity and in response to their request; the SET project seeks to support TPs in the strengthening of the organization’s Monitoring and Evaluation System. SET is working with a total of 29 TPs supporting training for youth and young women, and mothers. All TPs are members of an informal platform involved in the implementation of ongoing training. As part of bringing the impact to youth and young mothers, SET seeks to strengthen the activities monitoring, reporting and documentation for effective programming. Based on this, SET seeks to recruit a consultant to facilitate the training on Monitoring and Evaluation with practical relevance to the result-based management (RBM) projects. During this training the following key areas will be addressed;

  1. Basics of M&E, and concepts
  2.  Research-based reporting and proposal writing
  3. Use of project data in strategic decision-making


Objectives of Assignment:

The overall objective of this consultancy is to facilitate training on monitoring and Evaluation with relevance to the TPs and their activities.

Specific objectives:

The activity aims to strengthen the M&E system for TPs program by:

  • To capacitate TPs staff on Result based monitoring and Evaluation and different monitoring and Evaluation concepts and terms.
  • To equip TPs staffs with knowledge on using log frame as a planning, monitoring and evaluation tool and hierarch of objectives such as output, outcome, and impact.
  • Capacitating TPs M&E and programme staffs on designing and implementing M&E plan, setting, and using Performance Indicators and designing tools for participatory M&E data collection.
  • To strengthen TPs staff’s capacity on how to conduct Outcome mapping, evaluating programmes, impact assessment and outcome harvesting and Management Information System.
  • Strengthen TPs staff capacity on Assumptions and Risk Analysis.
  • Capacitate TPs staff on Result based financing and Value for money calculations.
  • To capacitate TPs staff on Management Information system including but not limited to M&E data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Scope of work:

The consultant will undertake the following specific tasks:

  • Conduct a pre-training evaluation to identify the trainee's knowledge gap and address it through envisaged training.
  • Facilitate a five-day practical training session to TPs staff on Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation in a workshop that will be organised by SET.
  • Increasing the capacity of TPs staff to design and implement an M&E plan to strengthen the M &E system and provide technical after training support virtually.
  • Support TPs to draft M&E plan and setting performance indicators in alignment with the following:
  1. The requirements of different donors.
  2. Coherence and alignment with international standards.
  3. Ensure that indicators defined in the M&E plan are covering all gender aspects.

Duration and Placement:

A total of 12 working days have been allocated for this assignment which will include 5 days for the training workshop. The consultant should be available for the assignment in the period between 19th  of April 2021 to 1st  of April 2021.


            Phase                                     Activities                          Timeline           Responsible

Phase I- Inception Report and training materials

Review of ToR and consultation with SET staff

-        Develop a training methodology.

-        Planning for the activity

-        Presenting Training materials to be used

-        Pre-training evaluation and the knowledge gap identification

 2 days

Consultant, MRM Coordinator and Component 3 team

Phase II- Training

Capacity building for 35 TPs M&E and project staffs

5 days

Consultant and TP Staffs

Phase III-Draft Report

Training Evaluation Data analysis & write up a Report

3 days


Phase IV

Finalize Report

2 days


                 Total Days for Activity Implementation                  12days



The consultancy is expected to deliver the following outputs:

  • Present inception report showing the methodology for undertaking the activity.
  • Develop and present to TPs standard M&E plan template.
  • Completed training documents including, practical sessions, references, PowerPoint, Agenda, Pre-and Post-tests, and training schedules.
  • Participate in a virtual meeting with SET staff to facilitate the assignment.
  • Written assignment report in English to the SET MRM Coordinator.
  • Present the training modality, contents, schedule before the training.
  • Present the pre and post-training evaluation report which will help to assess the contribution of the training toward change in TPs practices.
  • Conduct coaching of TPs for after the training.


Education and Qualifications

Required Qualification

The external consultant must meet the following qualification requirements:

  • Profound knowledge and experience in Monitoring, Evaluation and Results measurements, Agricultural projects in Tanzania and East Africa funded by international development agencies such as SDC.
  • Profound knowledge and experience in Result Based Management (RBM) projects.
  • Developing Data collection tools for participatory monitoring and Evaluation for adaptive decision making.
  • Proven knowledge and experience in teaching, mentoring and coaching on Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Knowledge and work experience with the Donor Committee for Enterprises Development (DCED) standard will be an added advantage.
  • Proven experience in Outcome Mapping and Impact assessment in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Proven experience in designing and implementing a measurement plan.
  • Proven experience in Result Based Project Management and Information Management System.
  • Proven experience in setting and tracking gender indicators.
  • Excellent report writing abilities.
  • Fluency in English.


Administrative Clauses

  • A detailed CV and a company profile with previous clients references for similar assignments.
  • Financial proposal showing the daily rate in Tanzanian Shillings.
  • The payment of the fees is subject to the deliverables outlined under point 5 and approval by the project.
  • Potential consultants or organisations will be invited to present their proposal and the most suitable candidate will be selected.
  • SET reserves the right not to choose the lowest economic offer. The selection will be based on an overall assessment of the proposal. The selected consultant is expected to undertake the assignment following Swisscontacts ‘Code of Conduct’ and gender policy. Both documents will be provided to the consultant.



The consultant is requested to forward their proposal under the attention of the SET Team Leader (recruitment.set@swisscontact.org) not later than the 9th of April 2021 at 2 pm Tanzanian time.


For any further clarification please contact Gundelinda Sakaya, Monitoring and Result in Measurement Coordinator at gundelinda.sakaya@swisscontact.org    






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