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Marketing Communications


The main responsibility of the Marketing Communications Coordinator is to work with all external and internal communications for the company, safeguard the company brand and ensure the relevancy and consistency of messages towards the selected target groups. The role contributes to the development of the marketing communications strategy delivering on connected activities with the main objective to increase the awareness and consideration towards the overall company brand and its selected products and services.


Deliver Marketing Communications

  • Contribute to the development of the integrated marketing communications strategy to support sales and services objectives by addressing customer/driver needs and brand/product perceptions in the local market
  • Execute and deliver communication plans and concepts with the aim to increase the awareness and consideration for the overall company brand as selected products and services
  • Oversee the annual M&C budget and follow the development as % of revenue and in channel split (print, digital, events)
  • Build and maintain the company brand to be perceived as an attractive company to work for in strong cooperation with HR
  • Ensure effective internal communication processes are in place in both wholesale and retail networks

Drive Digital Communication

  • Drive digital innovation in communication to effectively reach selected target groups and reduce waste in printed materials
  • Active presence and content strategy in customer/driver relevant online channels (Social Media, Search, Web and Mobile)
  • Monitor developing trends in the digital area
  • Support the sales and services organisation with digital tools that improve customer experience and reduce waste in print
  • Automate lead generation with the help of digital tools where feasible and applicable

Sustainability Brand Building

  • Actively build the company brand to be perceived as a leader in sustainable transport solutions
  • Support the company's program with an effective communication strategy

Marketing Communication Support

  • Hold regular meetings with the retail organisation (ex. Quarterly meetings)
  • Drive and support the dealers in the development of local M&C plans/activities and follow up on implementation and results
  • Support the dealers with information, tools, campaigns to plan and execute their M&C plans and activities

Marketing Communication Business Intelligence

  • Monitor market and competitor activity, trends and demands
  • Monitor customer and driver needs, demands, perceptions
  • Support sales and services strategy development by applying information and insights gained
  • Main contact person for HTS, CSI
  • Maintain and optimize relationship with traditional trade media and develop a relationship with business media and digital media
  • Organize events and participate at business relevant trade fairs
  • Main contact person for trademark/identity and loyalty programs

Improvement of Work

  • Ready to cover reception when needed
  • Set agenda for standardized work methods and improvement activities and manage resources within the same department
  • Follow up on Improvement activities and goals in connection to the business objectives
  • Ensure transfer of best practice between teams within the same department
  • Understanding the difference between and work with both market plan activities (business improvements) and process improvements (continuous improvements)
  • Ensure DOS (Dealer operating standard) is fully implemented and stablish monitoring

Education and Qualifications

  • Relevant Education bachelor’s degree is required, Marketing & PR education is meriting.
  • Background with Marketing Agency is meriting
  • Ability to manage social media platforms is required
  • Business knowledge and experience of not less than 3 years from a similar role is a requirement


Business perspective: Using an understanding of business issues, processes and outcomes to enhance business performance.

Customer understanding: Demonstrates understanding of customers, their commercial offerings, industry, business, motivational drivers and needs. Understands how the company can contribute to the optimization of customer profitability.

Digitalization: Strong knowledge and understanding of current trends in digital media/social media.

Marketing: Thorough knowledge of marketing principles, brand, product and service management.

Negotiation: Ability to explore positions and alternatives to reach best possible outcome by seeking mutual benefits and maintaining relationship in business discussions with the counterparts.

Products and services: Maintains an up to date understanding of products and services necessary to perform duties and tasks. Understands company products and services value proposition connected to processes and business.

Using Information Technology: Using software and information technology to accomplish one's work.

Reporting To

Marketing and Communications Manager







Marketing: 3 Years

Communications: 3 Years