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Audit Compliance


The main responsibility for the HSSEC Lead is to provide systematic and structured approach to effectiveness of risk management control and governance processes. This is achieved by designing steering models, establish standards, monitor policies to ensure compliance and report findings back to management regarding possible improvements and corrections.


Development of processes and internal control

Monitoring policies, design steering models and establish standards

  • Design and maintenance of the internal control environment
  • Monitor the implementation and compliance of policies and procedures
  • Establish standards (normal situation) on the internal processes in each business area
  • Manage the company’s HSEC Information management, data and reporting system
  • Review and investigate reports related to significant incidents and accidents.
  • Report regularly to the Management Board on company HSEC performance.
  • Training all staff in safety issues and advising them 
  • Follow deviations in the internal process and rectify audit deviations
  • Quarterly reporting on the status of compliance with the local regulations and implementation of the company policies
  • Design of steering models and signal systems to monitor the achievement of business objectives
  • Work with continuous improvements through visualisation of deviations in the processes, follow up and corrective actions

Manage Security

Ensure proper routines and manage daily security operations through cooperation with security provider and on-site staff

  • Daily observe the security situation to company HQ and all company workshops and outlets
  • Be responsible for the daily operational communication with the security company
  • Monitor and take care of the CCTV recording
  • Monitor and inspect electric fence and alarming systems on daily basis
  • Overseeing day to day activities for guards and monitoring them, to make sure they are on site
  • Coordinate contracted security company activities
  • Record and trend security breaches and non-compliance
  • Liaise with security company to anticipate any risks occurred or security threats
  • Reporting to police any theft incidents or accident
  • Investigations on our own if something happens, internally but also we request external security service provider to do the same
  • Pin code to be able to arm on and off the fences
  • Ensuring that all equipment are in a safe manner by carrying out monthly inspections.
  • Stop unsafe acts or processes that seem dangerous or unhealthy.
  • Ensuring that all equipment are in a safe manner by carrying out monthly inspections.
  • Keeping up to date and ensuring compliance with current health and safety legislation and all statutory requirements.
  • Maintaining the company’s Business Management System (procedures and processes).

Managing  improvement of work according to company standards

Set agenda for standardized work methods and improvement activities and manage resources within the same department

  • Follow up on Improvement activities and goals in connection to the business objectives
  • Ensure transfer of best practice between teams within the same department
  • Set agenda for standardized work methods and improvement activities and manage resources within the same department
  • Understanding the difference between and work with both market plan activities (business improvements) and process improvements (continuous improvements)
  • Conduct effective quarterly ISO Management Review Meetings.
  • Conducts ISO9001:2008 internal audits on procedures and processes to ensure continual improvement and assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring that the company complies with all statutory requirements.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor with additional specialized/technical training or some college courses - NEBOSH, Risk Management, Incident Investigations



5-7 years working experience







Audit: 5 Years

Compliance: 5 Years