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Head of Shops Channel & Devices (HSH) manages a dedicated team to achieve sales and value targets through the company Shops channel. Moreover, HSH manages the GTM plans & activities for devices across all channels. Identifies and approaches key strategic partners and sets short- and long-term channel strategies for Shops & Open market to extract maximum value across all company service lines & device sales on a regional level. HSH works with Senior Management and is responsible for contributing to the company strategic goals, continually improving performance, stimulating innovation, and consumer focus. The HSH is also responsible to provide leadership to the team and demonstrate a high level of integrity and transparency.


  • Optimize the Shops footprint across the country

  • Drive efficiency across the channel (resources, targets, customer journey)

  • Plan to drive unnecessary footfall out of shops and replace it with effective sales & upselling activities across MFS & Mobile, to generate maximum value for every region.

  • Coordinate with ZDs to create and execute business plans to meet sales goals per region

  • Analyze market trends and accordingly develop sales plans to increase brand awareness & consideration.

  • Plan & execute effective GTM plans across the channel for devices to meet handset launch goals & increase data penetration

  • Evaluate shops performance and drive improvements alongside the S&D Support team

  • Educate Shops & Open market about product portfolio and complimentary services offered.

  • Address Shops related issues, sales conflicts and pricing issues in a timely manner.

  • Manage sales pipeline, forecast monthly sales and identify new business opportunities.

  • Stay current with the latest developments in the marketplace and competitor activities.

  • Communicate up-to-date information about new products, devices and enhancements to shops & open market.

  • Develop process improvements to optimize shop management activities.

  • Deliver customer presentations and attend sales meetings with shops team.

  • Assist in partner marketing activities such as tradeshows, campaigns and other promotional activities.


  • Working closely with sales teams within the channel partner to train and advise.

  • Regularly meeting with counterparts looking after shops & open market on the ground

  • Monthly reporting on sales KPI’s within channel.

  • Working to sales and revenue targets as set by the Sales Director / CSO.

  • Giving feedback to the marketing team on the success of sales promotions & device launches.

  • Addressing customer service issues as raised by the Shop or device channel.

  • Identifying and reaching out to new potential channel partners.

  • Working on cross-selling opportunities within the channel.

  • Is responsible for an effective flow of information and keeping managers and employees well informed

  • Responsible for providing business information for input of consumer/industry/business analysis

  • Performs all managerial HR tasks in accordance with company People policies

  • Is responsible for the department to work effectively as a team

  • Ensures successor planning and management development

  • Is responsible for the development of managers/team leaders and employees

  • Motivates managers/team leaders and employees

  • Is responsible for own development


  • Reports on channel performance

  • Translates organizational goals into a departmental action plan in cooperation with the managers or team members

  • Ensures that departmental action plan is implemented

  • Is responsible for long term staff planning and optimal staff planning

  • Determines which resources (financial, staffing and organization) and time schedules are required to achieve objectives

  • Prepares budget and forecast

  • Manages P&L

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, Finance, Engineering or related field

  • A Master’s degree is preferred.


  • At least 7 years’ experience in management and leadership of sales and channel on a national level in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment, preferably working as director of sales or director and demonstrate a successful record of accomplishing and exceeding goals in these managerial positions.

  • Proven and successful experience providing innovative strategies that have immensely increased the sales performance and improved customer experience ahead of its competition in the market.

  • A suitable candidate will also demonstrate experience working in a financial and strategic planning position.

  • Capable of passing down clear and concise messages and establishing and maintaining relationships on behalf of the business.

  • Must demonstrate keen interest in drawing inferences from raw data and information and capable of conducting standard performance, market, and competitive analysis.

  • Highly technologically adept and possess an understanding of software systems, practice management systems, distribution networks and platforms.

  • Highly passionate and customer-oriented with a passion for interacting with others, a strong commitment to delivering excellence to consumers, and have a sense of urgency and resourcefulness.

  • Quality conscious and able to handle numerous tasks and meet tight deadlines and demonstrate composure in times of uncertainty and inspiring the same to the team.

  • Demonstrate superior leadership skills, being able to move a vast cross-functional group of professionals in a single direction and with a common vision and objective.




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