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To lead and drive the implementation of the Brand & Marketing (B&M) strategy in Tanzania, to build the image and reputation of the Bank and deliver commercial value. To identify synergies and co-ordinate the launch and adoption of Segment and COE activities across the region.



  • Drive and monitor compliance to the Brand & Marketing (B&M) policies, standards and procedures across the region
  • Oversee the consistent delivery of the brand experience across all touch points

Financial Management

  • Drive cost management and budgetary control and adherence, including the development and management of the operational budget for the B&M Function.
  • Provide strategic guidance and support in the development of the marketing budget across Tanzania and provide support in the ongoing management of that budget to ensure that the return on investment is realised.
  • Provide the support to the Country Heads' goals which include driving client growth, delivering client solutions to the market, and distinctive client experience.


  • Manage and review performance of Country Heads of B&M by setting standards, goals and targets to be achieved, ensuring individuals are motivated to achieve as well as know what they are being measured against.
  • Provide marketing support to initiatives focusing on engaging and igniting energy and passion in our people in collaboration with the Tanzania office.
  • Lead the B&M Tanzania Head Office Team according to the lean leadership and employee engagement principles, including employee lifecycle from recruitment through to exit, performance management, training and development, discipline and grievance management, retention and reward and people administration, to ensure a high performance culture.
  • Build and maintain effective relationships with the relevant stakeholders across B&M and the Country CEO, to realise the strategic aspirations of the Business.
  • Coach, mentor and upskill individuals by engaging with them to determine their aspirations and drive the obtainment of these goals as far as possible within the Bank.


  • Provide strategic guidance in the planning of the Brand and Marketing (B&M) activities across all segments within Tanzania
  • Develop a strong business understanding of all segments/markets, by engaging with the B&M segment heads and Country Heads of B&M and contribute to the development of appropriate in-country marketing strategies to ensure the country marketing teams are appropriately equipped to support the business to obtain their market share goals and overall strategy.
  • Monitor, measure and report on the performance of B&M across Tanzania against B&M strategic measures to drive efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • Provide strategic guidance based on insights in the development of marketing strategies across markets by engaging with the Country Heads of B&M, as well as other respective Centres of Expertise, to ensure that there is appropriate horizontal alignment and engagement across all segments/markets.
  • Advise and provide support to the Country Heads of B&M across Africa Regions with regards to customer journeys and other initiatives, including the execution of pilots, as and when required.
  • Collaborate with Country Heads of B&M within Africa Regions to review strategic objectives, identify gaps, actively identify synergies and provide support to ensure disciplined execution of the strategic objectives.
  • Oversee the consistent articulation of the Bank's desired brand image and position across African markets.

Risk, Regulatory, Prudential & Compliance

  • Responsible to ensure that instances of non-compliance in the audit findings do not re-occur.
  • Partner with Group Compliance teams to ensure that all Africa Region B&M activities are compliant within the relevant regulatory frameworks.
  • Develop the B&M toolkit for Africa Regions to ensure that collaboration, standardisation and the benefits of economies of scale are achieved. This will result in a more cost-effective and cost-efficient approach.
  • Deliver high quality reporting to various stakeholders pertaining to the implementation of all the B&M initiatives (including CSI initiatives) executed to drive the Africa growth aspirations and strategy across all relevant markets.

Technology & Architecture

  • Utilise the B&M technology that is available by remaining up to date with the technology as well as the products available across all segments/markets to ensure that they are being marketed appropriately.
  • Accountable to ensure that Group technologies and platforms, processes and toolkits are leveraged to maximise efficiencies and effectiveness.

Education and Qualifications

  • Post Graduate Degree in Business Commerce or any other related field
  • A postgraduate/honours degree with the ability to navigate complex arenas whilst leading individuals of similar educational levels


  • More than 10 years relevant working experience
  • A leader, & seasoned expert in B&M with profound & relevant knowledge of the full dimensions of the field, but deep expertise in strategy alignment & implementation. Proven track record in large scale & high-level leadership, capable of influencing seasoned leaders as well as employees. Experience in strategy & ops. model design & implementation within the FSI. Experience managing a multi-geography team. 15 years' experience with the last 5 being in a senior leadership within B&M.


Establishing Rapport

This competency is about the behaviours an individual should employ in order to effectively engage people, establish positive personal contact and improve the likelihood of maintaining positive relationships. This competency is therefore about putting people at ease, making friends and helping people feel welcome.

Interacting with People

This competency is about fostering relationships that benefit the organisation as well as an individuals effectiveness and efficiency. More specifically, it includes personal networking behaviours, making contact with others and strengthening relationships

Taking Action

This competency is about taking action in service of achieving the organisation's goals. It is about being energetic, showing initiative and being action oriented

Team Working

This competency is about working well in a team. In order to develop this competency, individuals are encouraged to acknowledge the views and contributions of others, and to involve others in decision-making

Upholding Standards

Upholding Standards within the organisation is important for ensuring that high quality products and services are provided as well as for ensuring that trust is created and maintained. Individuals need to focus on developing proper and discreet behaviour and to honour their commitments in order to be effective at demonstrating this competency

Valuing Individuals 

This competency is about helping others to feel that they are worthwhile and important. The behaviours emphasised in developing this competency are trusting and tolerating others as well as showing consideration.

Adopting practical Approached

Adopting practical solutions with an emphasis on learning by doing. This competency requires individuals to utilise common sense when required. Ultimately, this competency is important in order to ensure that organisations implement feasible solutions.

Challenging Ideas

This competency is about an individual facilitating or catalysing change in an organisation. Challenging Ideas emphasises individual behaviours associated with questioning assumptions, challenging established views and arguing personal perspectives

Convincing People

This competency is about bringing others over to your point of view. The emphasis in this competency is on being persuasive and taking a negotiating approach. In addition, Convincing People focuses on individuals being able to shape others opinions

Developing Strategies

This competency includes facets of behaviour such as being visionary and establishing effective plans that take into consideration long-term aspects. This competency also includes the need for individuals to focus on identifying trends.

Directing People

This competency emphasises the leading or giving direction part of leadership. The effective display of the Leading People competency is highly dependent on the effective display of a number of other competencies. Leading people is about taking control of as well as coordinating people and resources. While there are many different views on what leadership is, in this case, the concern is not focused on what leadership is, but is rather focused on the generic behaviour associated with leading people.

Empowering Individuals

This competency emphasises the empowerment of others which includes encouraging others, motivating as well as inspiring them

Reporting To

  • Chief Executive Officer (Tanzania)
  • Matrix Reporting to: Chief Brand & Marketing Officer (Africa)






Post Graduate Degree

Marketing: 10 Years