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Customer Service Relations


Customer Experience (CX) is focused on designing, developing, and implementing new, highly differentiated, and positive experiences for customers within each interaction they have with a brand. The aim is to establish themselves as a leading CX in the organization, sustain customers’ trust, and create customer advocates by delivering the best CX with honesty, expertise, and care. The primary role of the Customer Experience Manager will be to support business units in the delivery of industry-leading CX, through counsel and monitoring. This process will include designing, developing, and delivering superior, differentiated CX that addresses pain points and adds value.


CX Excellence:

  • Map the Customer Journey and CX priorities through all stages of shop, buy, and own across all business areas within the Group
  • Identify customer pain points for assigned customer journeys, and propose ideas to improve, differentiate, and add moments of delight
  • Evaluate, select, and incorporate ideas into the CX strategy that have customer value and align with business strategy – creating a roadmap of initiatives that balance trade-offs between a seamless CX and business constraints
  • Manage the planning, development, and implementation of CX initiatives, tests, and pilots

Responsibilities (Continued);

  • Collate, monitor, interpret, and leverage key internal and external data sets to drive CX improvement
  • Propose investment in the right technology and tools to support customer experience efforts

Governance & Quality Assurance

  • Set up CX governance, including charters, policies, and standard operating procedures
  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure the effectiveness of customer experience initiatives
  • Support in identifying and mitigating potential risks to the customer experience


  • Grow a collection of assets that outlines CX philosophy, customer journey, and business strategies across the journey
  • Remain aware of and educated on both the CX universe, and organizational initiatives that involve the customer, and collaborate with other departments who have access to customer data that helps understand their thoughts and behavior
  • Take on and lead additional CX responsibilities as required


  • Lead cross-organizational conversations on CX, providing direction on specific customer needs, and translating those needs into the language of other departments
  • Partner with stakeholders in selecting and positioning value-add CX that aligns with business strategy and supports the embedding of customer insights into business decisions
  • Promote the importance of CX to ensure that the Group addresses customers’ needs today, so customers trust the Group of tomorrow

Call Center Oversight

  • Oversee the outsourced call center to ensure the highest quality of customer service and adherence to company standards
  • Monitor performance and implement strategies to improve call center efficiency and effectiveness
  • Maintain strong relationships with the outsourced call center partner.

Education and Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree in business, Marketing, or a related field
  • Demonstrated ability to drive best-in-class CX and a loyalty-focused culture by delivering brand experiences
  • Strong commitment to excellence, and professional customer service
  • Fluency (writing and speaking) in both Kiswahili and English


6+ years of professional experience in a customer service-focused business model, and a strong record of personal success


Core Knowledge & Skills:

  • Clear demonstration of a Customer First mindset in everything you do
  • Strong analytical skills, business acumen, and the ability to interpret data, make timely and accurate decisions and communicate recommendations
  • Strong communicator, comfortable working with others in person as part of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Ability to hold self & others responsible and accountable for delivering results and satisfying our customers

Personality & Interpersonal Skills

  • A “Team First” attitude, with a willingness to embrace diverse perspectives
  • A pillar of honesty, integrity, and trust
  • Results-orientated with a determination to make things happen
  • A diligent planner, with excellent organizational skills
  • An initiator, with an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to get the job done
  • High attention to detail, with the ability to work successfully in a fast-paced environment
  • An optimist who sees opportunities instead of challenges, with the ability to make new and useful ideas work

Reporting To

Group Head - Business Improvement




Automotive: 6 Years



Customer Service Relations: 6 Years