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Sales Customer Service Relations


This position is responsible for the overall management of the entire sales and customer operations department. The Chief Sales & Customer Operations develop business strategies for the two areas and is accountable for sustainable revenue growth by constantly maximizing market penetration and signature customer experience.


Leadership Role:

  • Provides leadership and strategic direction to the sales and customer operations teams, inclusive of acquiring new customers and expanding opportunities within the current customer base.
  • Sets departmental KPIs and evaluates the effectiveness of the sales and customer operations initiatives, making appropriate changes that encourage achievement of overall business targets.
  • Plays a major role in leading, designing, and implementing the business’s development activities and corporate branding in order to increase revenue and gross profit.
  • Takes initiative to mentor key talent in the sales and customer operations department, ensuring their constant professional growth, and assisting them in the execution of their duties where necessary. In order to have successors and business continuity in the event of his or her absence.
  • Strategically lead and develop the customer service management team to enhance performance by setting clear accountable performance measures


  • Spearheads strategy development initiatives, ensuring that they remain consistent with the business’s overall strategy.
  • Increase sales revenue through the design and implementation of appropriate strategies for each of the sales and customer operations areas, sales, channels, and customer operations.
  • Implements, and manages the business’s sales process, ranging from relationship development and contract finalization. The Chief Sales Officer’s strategic role is executed with a view of selling the business’s full range of products/services in order to achieve the business’s revenue targets.
  • Spearheads the different channels to effectiveness and efficiency in achieving the budgeted KPIs across all company Service lines (including but not limited to Gross Ads., Quality of sales, Mobile Financial Services, smartphones, physical and electronic reloads) through a crisp plan of channel engagement, optimization & expansion.
  • Create a culture and processes which achieve the business goals and objectives with regards to sales and customer service
  • Improve NPS (Net Promoter Score) – CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), or other Customer Metric.
  • Improve key Customer Service metrics, e.g: Cost to serve, First Call Resolution, etc.
  • Identify new tools and technologies to better serve the customer
  • Become the Voice of the Customer in the organization


  • Conducts business analysis, performance analysis, competitive analysis to tracks and reviews actual sales results, weighing them against the set targets and business KPIs in order to determine the effectiveness of sales initiatives and implement necessary changes and solutions.
  • Places measures in place across the sales department for the purpose of forecasting and monitoring sales performance and business compliance.
  • Articulates the results of the analyses in reports, presentations, and recommendations to key stakeholders.
  • Synthesizes performance reports for analysis on the financial feasibility to determine sales growth and revenue targets and customer satisfaction for these two areas.
  • Have a surgical approach in analysis channel performances on a regional level and accordingly, planning & executing relevant region-specific growth strategies

Knowledge and Opportunity:

  • Affluent knowledge of the Telco industry, sales channel planning and on-ground executions, partner management & contracts, commissions, POS management, competitors, and regulatory activity.
  • Implement new and well-researched sales and customer experience initiatives, strategies, and solutions.
  • Identifies top talent and contributes to the recruitment of key department personnel, hence, maintaining efficient and effective execution of duties within the department.


  • Takes initiative to establish relationships with key personnel within the business’s market.
  • Attends numerous industry events and conferences, establishing and maintaining long term relationships with key and potential customers, key strategic partners.


  • Works closely with other executive officers and advises them on sales strategies, forecasting, and general management issues in order to align the business’s efforts, avoid conflict of interests, and enable the achievement of the business’s overall goals and targets.
  • Work closely with the Marketing department to deliver market & customer insights & behaviors to the products development cycle to ensure customer & market-focused product & marketing strategy
  • Collaborates with the financial department in determining the sales & Customer Operations department’s budget as well as appropriate internal budgetary allocations.
  • Works in collaboration with the human resources department in order to determine the criteria for recruiting, developing and rewarding, and retaining key talent in the two areas in order to guarantee a high performance within these areas.

Other Duties:

  • Performs other duties, as deems necessary or as delegated by the Employer.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Engineering or related field Master’s degree is preferred.


  • At least 10 years experience in management and leadership of sales and channel on a national level in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment, preferably working as director of sales or director, and demonstrate a successful record of accomplishing and exceeding goals in these managerial positions.
  • Proven and successful experience providing innovative strategies that have immensely increased the sales performance and improved customer experience ahead of its competition in the market.
  • A suitable candidate will also demonstrate experience working in a financial and strategic planning position.
  • Capable of passing down clear and concise messages and establishing and maintaining relationships on behalf of the business.
  • Must demonstrate a keen interest in drawing inferences from raw data and information and capable of conducting standard performance, market, and competitive analysis.
  • Highly technologically adept and possess an understanding of software systems, practice management systems, distribution networks, and platforms.
  • Highly passionate and customer-oriented with a passion for interacting with others, a strong commitment to delivering excellence to consumers, and have a sense of urgency and resourcefulness.
  • Quality conscious and able to handle numerous tasks and meet tight deadlines and demonstrate composure in times of uncertainty and inspiring the same to the team.
  • Demonstrate superior leadership skills, being able to move a vast cross-functional group of professionals in a single direction and with a common vision and objective.

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