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businessDiplomatic Missions, Non-profits (NGO)

Government Relations Research & Evaluation


The Agricultural Network (LAN) represents the Diplomatic Mission  in the areas of Agriculture and Nature in the operational district and to this end maintains intensive contacts with the local authorities, local businesses and civil-society organisations. They make an essential contribution to strengthening the international position of the Diplomatic Mission in the areas of Agriculture and Nature by means of:

  • policy support for the purpose of the main department
  • providing business services to the agribusiness sector;
  • bilateral and multilateral cooperation


  • Is primarily responsible for information gathering and provision in case of preparation of trade missions and import/export related activities. Collects, identifies, analyses, interprets and reports on information and developments in one or more domains that are of importance for the development of  policy.
  • Identifies bottlenecks in trade transactions and contributes to solutions;
  • Has an understanding of the local political/administrative environment, establishes and maintains network contacts for carrying out to the above tasks;
  • Enters activities into Achilles;
  • Makes up draft articles for online content
  • Reports directly to the Agricultural Counsellor in Nairobi
  • Contributes to the planning, organisation and evaluation of bilateral partnership projects in relation to nature, water, environment and sustainable development;
  • Is responsible for the preparation, planning, support and guidance of webinars, trade missions and other (digital) promotional activities, such as participation in fairs and exhibitions, representing interests and policy.
  • Identifies bottlenecks and makes a contribution to solutions;
  • Establishes and maintains contacts with relevant parties, including government, and holds discussions with organisations for the preparation and carrying out of missions and enabling trade transactions to proceed effectively.
  • Is responsible for gathering information on the relevant area of operation by studying literature and reports, contributing to research and advising on the relevant policy, including the independent interpretation and analysis of the data collected.
  • Is responsible for delegated tasks from the agricultural counsellor and stand in for the representative when necessary.
  • Reports directly to the Agricultural Counsellor in Nairobi who carries final responsibility.



  • General knowledge and understanding of agriculture, forestry, nature and fisheries policy, legislation and regulations, government structure and agribusiness: general knowledge and understanding of current developments in policy domains, society and trading position of the country of representation;
  • Good verbal and written command of the local language and of English.
  • Familiarity with and ability to adapt to the mission's culture and customs.


  • Good communication and contact skills;
  • Capacity to build, maintain and expand a network of contacts in relevant fields;
  • Skill in translating insights and information into recommendations, plans and reports and assessing the resultant policy consequences;
  • Computer knowledge and skills (Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, E-mail, Internet).


  • Ability to work with others
  • Goal-centeredness
  • Integrity
  • Organisational sensitivity
  • Initiative
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Networking skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Flexibility

Reporting To

  • Reports directly to the Agricultural Counsellor in Nairobi




Diplomatic Missions: 3 Years

Non-profits (NGO): 3 Years


Government Relations: 3 Years

Research & Evaluation: 3 Years